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[2012.03.19] Date FM Miyagi - Arashi

At last, I have a weekend off!! I have a lot to catch up with regarding Arashi, but I'm also gonna dedicate my time to translating. ^_^ My mp3 program refused to cooperate with me this time, so the audio is unfortunately split in two, sorry about that.. Now I'm gonna drown myself in the sea of rainbow that is Arashi. Thank you for the comments at the last one! <3

Date: 2012.03.19
Radio station: Date FM Miyagi
Participants: Arashi
MC: Ohno
Audio: Part 1 (pass: miyagi) / Part 2 (pass: final) credit: hhhiiibbbaaakkkooo
Summary: The last Miyagi radio show, so a lot of messages from the listeners are read! Have the members listened to their own show? Jun visited the Kagiheya set and talk about what happened when he was talking with Sato Koichi. Will Ohno be able to say WWW properly for the last show and what does Jun recommend to Aiba and Ohno? Sho & Aiba are challenged in the sudden senryuu corner. The final Miyagi dialect quiz is held, who places first, and who ends up getting the punishment?!
Notes: Keep the audio to yourself, please. And also, please don't direct link to my journal anywhere. If crediting, please just use Keshigomiu. If people wanna find, they can search.

Ohno: To those listening to Date FM, Oban desu!** This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi!
** Oban desu means good evening in the Miyagi dialect.

Sho: Sakurai Sho!
Aiba: Aiba Masaki!
Jun: Matsumoto Jun!
Nino: Ninomiya Kazunari!

Ohno: After a long time it's the five of us presenting this!

Sho: It's been a while!

All: Please take care of us!

Aiba: Oban desu!

Sho: This is the five of Arashi!

Jun: It's been a long time..

Sho: It has, yeah..

Nino & Sho: Mmm..

Ohno: Let's have fun today!

Nino: Okay!

Ohno: We've brought music and our talk through this show after the earthquake in hopes that it would bring even a little bit of strength to the people victimized. After one year, this show is now airing its last show today. We believe there are still a lot of people suffering from the earthquake, so we would like to bring energy to everyone in various ways from now on.. So this is the last show.

Nino: Mmm..

Ohno: Time went by really fast, right?

Nino: One year, yeah..

Jun: It was a lot of fun for us as well, wasn't it?

Sho: Right! The five of us hadn't done radio since… We did Arashi-on so it's about..

Sho & Nino: Ten years ago.

Ohno: It felt nostalgic..

Sho: Did you listen to the shows with all five?

Nino & Aiba: I did, I did..

Sho: It's really suitable when in a car, right?

Nino: It's optimal, just about right.

Jun: It's nice to listen to when traveling between Himitsu no Arashi-chan's location shooting.

Sho: When I listen with earphones and laugh by myself it's a little embarrassing. Arashi listening to Arashi laughing is a bit embarrassing.

Nino: [laughs]

Aiba: Because we like ourselves a lot.

Ohno: Today is March the 19th.

Sho: That's right.

Ohno: And the time is 20.00, after this show it's the last episode of Matsujun's 'Lucky Seven'. Everything is a final today!

Sho: [laughs] Well, that's right..

Nino: Well yeah, at TV as well it's the last episode.

Ohno: Mmm..

Sho: But, Ohno-san, you're shooting at the same studio..

Jun: Right.. We met yesterday..

Ohno: We did.. And before we noticed Sato Koichi-san was there.

Sho: Oh!

Jun: Before we noticed?

Ohno: Mmm, he told us we were close.

Sho: What did he see to say you're close?

Jun: I went to the rest room, and was sitting down talking with Koichi-san, and even though five chairs were vacant, Riida sat down on the one right next to me.

Nino: Even though five chairs were vacant?

Ohno: Five chairs were vacant..

Jun: Thus Koichi-san said "You are usually together so much, do you want to be together at this kind of time as well?"

Sho: [laughs]

Ohno: He told us that in an angry manner.

Jun: He wasn't angry though..

Ohno: Ah, is that so… It's fun..

Jun: When the final episode is over the commercials for Riida's next drama will begin airing.

Ohno: They will, yeah..

Aiba: I'm looking forward to it.

Nino: What Lucky is Sensei's** drama?
** teacher, master or doctor. I thought it was better to keep the japanese word.

Ohno: It's Lucky Kagi no kakatta heya.

All: [laughs]

Jun: That doesn't seem lucky at all.

Sho: Truly..

Ohno: It's nothing lucky at all. A Satoshi solving locked room cases. Since today is the final show, let's have fun!

Nino: Okay!

Ohno: Up until now we've received a lot of song requests from the people of Miyagi, and among those there's one that's been particularly requested a lot, which we'd like to start with today. Arashi with 'Hatenai Sora'.

♪ Hatenai Sora♪

Ohno: The song played was Arashi with 'Hatenai Sora'. We've received a lot of messages from the people of Miyagi, so let's start reading them. First up is Nino!

Nino: Okay! It's from 'Massu-san'. "I was able to participate in the filming of 'Ongaku no chikara'** the other day. Since I found out I couldn't believe it, and on the very day, before reaching the venue my heart was beating really fast! When the shooting began I was astonished by the close distance, but seeing the sparkling Arashi singing and dancing gave me energy from the bottom of my heart. After hearing the victims hadn't left your thoughts for even one day, I couldn't stop my tears. Thank you for realizing the wish I sent last years April about waiting for the day you return to Miyagi for a concert. I love Arashi!"
** A special music show aired 2012.03.07 at NTV. Sho was the host and Arashi held a mini concert in Miyagi.

All: thank you..

Aiba: She went to see it.

Sho: Yeah..

Jun: We're happy. She says the sparkling Arashi, but on the other hand the people we saw in the audience were really sparkling, right?

All: Mmm..

Sho: That's right..

Ohno: It was a close distance.

Jun: It was, yeah.. It made me think music is nice..

Nino & Sho: Mmm..

Ohno: Next up is Sho-kun!

Sho: Okay Roger! From 'An-Arashi-lover-becoming-a-university-student-in-april'

Jun: Do your best!

Sho: "I've been listening to this radio show from the first broadcast!"

All: Oh!

Aiba: Amazing..!

Sho: "At the day of the first broadcast, I was at an evacuation site and when casually listening to radio I was surprised to hear Arashi's voices. From then on, once every third week at eight  was something to wait eagerly for. I remember Riida not being able to say www properly, Sho-chan's Sakurai Sho quiz, Aiba-chan being late, All of Arashi stirring things up by the talk of toilet paper stock at the Ninomiya-quiz and Matsujun listening to classic before going to sleep."

All: [laughs]

Sho: "And Arashi saying "let's not end it yet", at the end of the show. It was a short show of 30 minutes, but thanks to Arashi I was able to forget the bad things and spend some enjoyable time. I'll take the ending of this show as an opportunity to change my feelings and live cheerfully. Truly thank you for the support to the victimized areas. I'm sad that this show will end, but I hope the five of you will do a radio show in the future.". that's what it said.

Nino: We're glad that she wants to hear us again.

Sho: Should we clear up one thing at a time?

Jun: Thats right.

Sho: First is Ohno-san.

Ohno: Yeah.

Sho: Let's say www properly for the last show.

Ohno: I've become better though.

Sho: Please..

Ohno: WWW.

Sho: [laughs] ah, he's become better.

Nino: He has become better though..

Jun: You said it nicely didn't you..

Sho: What's up with the Sakurai Sho quiz? It's a quiz of mine?

Jun: The one who started it was Sho-kun wasn't it? since there was some time left you made a quiz of your private life.

Sho: Aaahh..

Nino: I see..

Sho: Did Aiba-kun come in late?

Aiba: Did I?

Jun: It must be when you were with me and Nino.

Aiba: Ahh. I did, yeah..

Jun: We started the show without you..

Aiba: right, right..

Sho: I remember how fun we had when talking about Nino's toilet paper stocking.

Nino: That was a version of the Sho quiz, wasn't it?

Sho: Right. Ninomiya Kazunari quiz.

Nino: Right..

Sho: and lastly.. Are you listening to classical music before going to sleep? [giggle]

Jun: Doing this show for nearly one year, that was the thing she remembered.

Nino: It left a big impression on her.

Aiba: Eh? When did you talk about this?

Jun: Recently.

Ohno: Yeah, when the two of us were hosting.

Sho: Ah, really..

Jun: The previous show,wasn't it? At the previous show when Riida and I was talking I said I'm listening to classical music lately.

Aiba: [laughs]

Sho: Why're you listening to classical music?

Jun: Why you say? Conversely why?

Aiba: Ah well..

Jun: It gives me a good feeling.

Sho: Hmm..

Jun: Surely there are quite heavy pieces, but also very light ones.

Sho: There are yeah.

Jun: They make me sleepy, so that's why I'm listening to them recently. I recommend it.

Nino: Hmm..

Sho: Surely it's important to sleep when you're busy.

Jun: Mmm.. I recommend it to Riida and Aiba-kun, since you're busy with your drama right now.

Nino: that's right..

Aiba: Shall we do it?

Jun: Shall I go buy a CD?

Aiba: I don't know where to start.

Ohno: Yeah, we have no idea.

Jun: I also don't know, and that's why I have some easy CD's I bought. Should I hand them to you?

Sho: I see..

Ohno: If you want to.

Aiba: Like an beginners level.

Jun: That's right..

Ohno: I'd like to.

Sho: The letter says "I'll take the ending of this show as an opportunity to change my feelings and live cheerfully".

Jun: We're glad.

Ohno: Yeah.. Shall we read one more? Matsujun!

Jun: Yep! From 'Arashi-san-daisuki-san'.

Sho & Nino: Thank you!

Jun: "Thank you for this year. It was funny hearing all of Arashi-chan being a little more informal and relaxing than at TV. I laughed the most at when Sho-kun and Aiba-kun held the 'ikinari senryuu'** corner. That was a masterpiece! Especially the subject 'make a senryuu with yourself as Ega-chan***' was extremely funny! The other members, please take a listen to the senryuu's of that time. Coupled with Aiba-chan's HyaHyaHya laughter and Sho-kun's HaHaHa laughter, it made me laugh so much my stomach hurt."
** Sudden comic senryuu. (A senryuu is a comical 5-7-5 poem)
*** Egashira 2:50. A japanese comedian.

All: [laughs]

Jun: "I liked that corner the best. Lastly, please read one for us."

Nino: I see..

Jun: We don't know what you did then.

Aiba: Let's recall. Imagine yourself as Ega-chan and the setting was when you wake up in the morning, you're in the middle of Tokyo Dome.

Sho: When you wake up in the morning..

Aiba: Mmm..

Jun: And you're Ega-chan?

Aiba: Yeah, yeah.. If you were Ega-chan.

Sho: [laughs] Shall I say it?

Jun: What was the answer?

Aiba: So Sakurai-san, If you were Ega-chan.

Nino & Ohno: Please..

Sho: Understood..

Sho: Nande da yo? (Why is it?) Konna tokoro de (At such a place) Ooooooii**
** This is a trademark word/expression Egashira 2:50 uses.  

Sho: Yeah.. Eeeh..

Aiba: After all it has to be the right atmosphere.

Nino: [laughs]

Aiba: At that time this was extremely funny. Sorry.

Jun: The one right now?

Aiba: Yeah.. Sorry..

Sho: Sorry.. Also my voice is bone dry.

All: [laughs]

Aiba: We've done various thing like this.

Jun: The letter says to lastly read one, so Aiba-san should read one.

Aiba: [laughs] Should I do it!? what would be good?

Sho: Then, when you wake up in the morning you're Youn-a-chan.** A senryuu about that, please..
** She's a Korean model also doing TV and model activities in Japan. She's the one that loves Nino's face.

Jun: I see..

Nino: That's suitable for this last one.

Aiba: Ah, ah, ah..

Jun: He's making it right now.

Nino: As expected, master is quick at this. Already done?

Jun: He's used to making them.

Aiba: wait, wait.. Waking up in the morning..

Sho: Have you completed it?

Aiba: Yeah!

Sho: Then Aiba-san.. Please read us the senryuu of when you wake up in the morning, you're Youn-a-chan.

Aiba: Kagami mite (looking into the mirror) Bikkuri gyouten (astonished) Kuru-kuru-ku

Sho & Ohno: [laughs]

Aiba: I shouldn't have done that..

Nino: Firstly tell us how you count the characters?

Aiba: Eh?

Nino: Bikkuri gyouten, why'd you read 'ten' as one character when it's two?**
** Bikkuri gyouten is written: びっくりぎょうてん (eight characters), when the middle line of a senryuu is supposed to be seven.

Aiba: Bi  び tsu っ ku くri り gyo ぎょ u う te て n ん ? Wrong?

Sho: [laughs] That was wrong, and when you counted you tried to make it gyo-u-ten.

Aiba: [laughs] My intentions were seven though, forgive that. Also my intentions were five at Kuru Kuru Ku.

All: [laughs]

Sho: [laughs] enough! It was amusing though..

Aiba: It was, it was.

Ohno: We azudasuta (not sure about the spelling), right..

Sho, Jun & Aiba: Azudasuta?

Jun: What was it now again?

Aiba & Sho: What was it.

Ohno: Azudasuta.

Nino: Omoidashita (I remember / I recall) was it?

Sho & Aiba: Aaah.. All of a sudden. [laughs]

Aiba: You throw it in all of a sudden!

Ohno: You're all no good.. You've forgotten..

Nino: We've not quite forgotten.

Ohno: The dialect of Miyagi!

Jun: Why do you bring it up all of a sudden?

Nino: Yeah, why the dialect?

Ohno: Well, let's do this corner one more time since it's the last show!

Nino: Oh! The legendary?

Jun: What?

Aiba: Sounds fun..

Ohno: Okay?! Let's go! The final Miyagi dialect quiz!!

Sho: It's been a while, really..

Ohno: First of all we've counted everyone's results.

Jun: Up until now?

Ohno: Yeah.. And with the results of today, the absolute winner will be decided.

Nino: I see..

Ohno: We've received questions from the listeners.

Sho: What of the current ranks?

Jun: Announce the current ranks.

Ohno: At first place is Matsumoto-san.

Jun: Yeah!

Ohno: Ohno-san, Sakurai-san and Ninomiya-san.

Nino: Yes!

Sho: Those are at first place?

Ohno: Fifth place is Aiba-san.

Jun: How much is the difference in points?

Aiba: Yeah, that's the question.

Ohno: Everyone at first place has three points.

Aiba: what about me?

Ohno: Aiba-san at fifth place has two points.

Nino: Then there's no worry.

Aiba: Thats right..

Ohno: Shall we do it. There's two of them.

Aiba: There'll only be two questions?

Ohno: Yeah so if you have the correct answer at both questions..

Nino: If someone answers the first question correctly before you..

Aiba: Then it's over for me. Okay, okay..

Ohno: So, the first word. It's from 'Nino-nijou-sanjou' "Please let me participate at the last dialect quiz."

Aiba & Nino: I'll do my best.

Ohno: 'Birikko'

Sho: Birikko?

Ohno: Birikko..

Sho: Birikko?

Ohno: Need a hint? You won't know with just that, right?

Nino: We don't know, yeah..

Ohno: "My grandma used the dialect this way when watching the cat: "What! It's so birikko!""

Aiba: Ah, got it, got it, got it!

Jun: As expected of a animal lover.

Aiba: Kawaii ne (Cute, isn't it) That can't be it, right..

Ohno: It's close.

Sho: Eh? It's not correct?

Ohno: It's not..

Nino: Cute is close.

Ohno: Not really close, but it's in that direction.

Jun: So it's not that close?

Ohno: Right..

Nino: Chichai (tiny, small)

Sho: Ah, I see..

Ohno: Wrong.

Jun: Chichakute kawaii (tiny and cute)

Ohno: It's got nothing to do with tiny..

Sho: I'll answer!

Ohno: Okay..

Sho: It's smaller than I thought but..

All: [laughs]

Aiba: It's long..

Sho: if you compare it to the neighbors cat, it's remarkably cute.

Nino: [laughs]

Ohno: Too long!

All: [laughs]

Ohno: Um, how to explain..

Nino: So how do you use it, sensei?

Ohno: It's cute, but considerably different.

Aiba: the nuance?

Ohno: Mmm..

Nino: Give us a hint of how Sensei would use it..

Ohno: Among the members of Arashi it's Nino, I think..

Sho: Eh?

Jun: Amaembou (pampered)

Ohno: Correct!

Jun: Yes! Sorry Aiba-san..

Aiba: It's over.

Jun: Goodbye Aiba-san.

Ohno: "Birikko means pampered. My grandma uses it towards the cat but it's generally used towards children."

Nino: I see.. Matsumoto-san took the lead.

Sho: Lastly give us a jumping chance!

Nino: A jumping chance, yeah..

Ohno: Jumping chance.

Nino: Come on..

Aiba: How many points for the last question?

Ohno: Three!

Aiba: Okay!

Nino: I see.. three points.

Ohno: It's from 'Mie-mama-san'.

All: thank you..

Ohno: "Oban desu Arashi!"

All: Oban desu!

Ohno: "Thank you for doing this fun show for one year! I have a dialect quiz for you all"

Jun: Mmm..

Ohno: Abain.

Sho: Abain.

Aiba: This one's difficult.

Ohno: Abain. Here's a hint.

Nino: Yeah..

Ohno: A word used to call out to people. "Abain!"

Aiba: That's the tension used?

Nino: Matane (bye, see you later)

Ohno: Wrong..

Nino: Jane (bye)

Ohno: Wrong.. It feels like you use it with pets.

Nino: Oide (come here)

Ohno: Oh, that's it! correct..

Nino & Ohno: [laughs]

Sho: Abain is come here?

Ohno: It also means come on.

All: Aaah..

Sho: abain..

Ohno: 'Mata miyagi ni abain'. (come to Miyagi again!)

Jun & Sho: I see..

Ohno: Like 'Come back!'

Aiba: So this means..

Ohno: This means..

Sho: We should announce the final ranks.

Ohno: The final ranks. At first place! Nino! six points.

Nino: Thank you!

Ohno: Second place: Matsujun. four points.  Ohno-san, Sakurai-san three points.

Sho: thank you.

Ohno: Two points for Aiba-san.

Aiba: Aahh..

Ohno: With that said, Aiba-san is at last place.

Aiba: Yes. Sorry.

Ohno: for the last person there's a punishment!

Nino: I see.

Jun: Is that so? We didn't hear of that.

Ohno: The person in first place, please name a punishment for the person at last place.

Sho: What should we do?

Nino: That means me?

Ohno: Yeah..

Nino: Oh, I see..

Jun: You have the right to decide.

Sho: We have impersonations.. dekopin**
** When you flick your fingers against someones forehead.

Nino: Let's make a senryuu once every two minutes.

Aiba: Create a senryuu once every two minutes. From now on?

Nino: From now on.. While continuing the radio you'll announce a senryuu once every two minutes.

Aiba: So I have to think about senryuu's the whole time.

Nino: You'll participate in the normal conversations as well. Like expressing the thoughts you get from a letter in senryuu.

Aiba: That's really difficult.

Nino: [laughs]

Aiba: That's difficult.

Jun: Let's try it out.

Aiba: Okay, I get it. what's with that, it's really difficult.

Sho: It's decided.

Ohno: It's been decided.

Nino: It ended.

Ohno: So among the many requests we received from Miyagi, we'll play this song: 'boku ga boku no subete' with Arashi.

♪ Boku ga boku no subete♪

Ohno: The song played was 'Boku ga boku no subete' with Arashi. So, the special show that the members of Arashi is presenting is close to ending.

Nino: Let's do some more.

Ohno: Lastly we'll read a message. First up is..

Jun: Do you wanna read a senryuu?

Aiba: No,no.. I won't read. Let's go for the message.

Jun: Yeah..

Aiba: This is from 'Machiko-san'. thank you very much.

All: thank you!

Aiba: "Truly thank you for everything until now. All this time I've been supported by this radio show. Next time I want to feel Arashi's harmony spreading happiness, not for the sake of overcoming sadness. See you! Thank you!"

Jun & Sho: We're glad.

Aiba: Arashi's harmony spreading happiness. I see..

Ohno: We're grateful. I'll read the next one.

Nino: Yep.

Jun: Go ahead.

Ohno: From 'Riecchi-san' "Oban desu Arashi!"

All: Oban desu!

Ohno: "Hearing this was the last radio show made me feel a little lonely.. A year has passed since that time, huh? Time went by just like that. There's still time left to restoration, but I've received a lot of courage from Arashi and that has made me stop losing my way like I did before. Thank you for always supporting us! Last year I couldn't go to your concerts because of the situation, but this year for sure I'll do my best to be able to laugh at your concerts! You have it hard with dramas, movies and 24 hour TV. Take care of yourself and do your best! Thank you for the happy times until now!"

Jun: From us as well, thank you.

Sho: We hope she'll be able to attend the concerts this year.

Aiba & Nino: Yeah..

Nino: We have 24 hour TV as well.

Sho: That's right..

Jun: shall we go with a senryuu now?

Nino: then with the theme '24 hour TV'

Ohno: You have it hard..

Aiba: It's really hard..

Jun: Because the concerts aren't decided yet.

Nino: Concerts..

♪ Happiness♪

Jun: See, see, the music is starting!

Nino: Uh oh!

Aiba: About concerts?

Nino: If you have one about concerts.

Aiba: So including our wish to hold concerts.

Nino: Mmm..

Aiba: Kotoshi mo sa (Again this year) Minna no mae de (in front of everyone) Rettsu gō! (Let's go!)

All: [laughs]

Aiba: It's no use.

Sho: No, it was good.. you were correct, weren't you.

Aiba: Really? Let's go in front of everyone!

Sho: Nice.. It'd be nice if we can let's go in front of everyone.

Nino: Let's go, yeah.

Ohno: thank you for all the messages and requests during this year.

Jun: Really thank you.

Nino: Thank you!

Ohno: It was fun, wasn't it?

Sho: It was, yeah.

Ohno: It had a nostalgic feeling.

Nino: Mmm..

Ohno: When reading the messages you get there's a lot of people listening plus the influence of music is amazing.

Jun: We're really happy if our talking has brought happiness to some of you.

Nino: that's right.

Sho: the radio will end, but that doesn't mean we will forget about you. We'd like to do things for you from now on as well.

Ohno: Let's do our best! Arashi will through other activities bring energy and smiles so from now on as well, please look forward to it. Truly thank you for this year!

All: thank you!

Ohno: The final of Arashi's special radio show, this is the time to part! your companion has been Arashi's Ohno Satoshi and..
Sho: Sakurai Sho and..
Aiba: Aiba Masaki and..
Jun: Matsumoto jun and..
Nino: Ninomiya Kazunari!

All: BYE BYE!!

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