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[2011.06.20] Date FM Miyagi - Arashi

Once again a really long time has passed since the last translation post, and I'm sorry. My summer has been extremely hectic, and not until now I finally have some time to exhale a bit. Thank you for all the comments on the previous one! <3

Date: 2011.06.20
Radio station: Date FM Miyagi
Participants: Arashi
MC: Ohno
Audio: Mediafire credit: hhhiiibbbaaakkkooo (Pass: daberudaberudaberu)
Summary: Riida talks about his obsession with radio controlled cars. the youngest member scolds the oldest for using so much time and dedication when he's not supposed to. they read some amazing messages from the listeners of Miyagi. Aiba thinks a spoon is something you can eat and Ohno takes advantage of his MC time to tease Nino a bit before they celebrate his birthday at the end of the show.
Notes: Keep the audio to yourself, please. And also, please don't direct link to my journal anywhere. If crediting, please just use Keshigomiu. If people wanna find, they can search.

Ohno: To those listening to Date FM, Oban desu**! this is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi!
** Good evening in the Miyagi dialect.

Nino: This is Ninomiya Kazunari!
Sho: This is Sakurai Sho!
Jun: This is Matsumoto Jun!
Aiba: This is Aiba Masaki!

Jun: Oban desu!

All: Oban deeesu!

Sho: This is Arashi!

Nino: Yeaaah!

Aiba: Long time no see..

Sho: It's been a while.

Nino It's been a while!

Jun: It's been a while!

Ohno: Three weeks have passed!

Sho: Yeah, some time has passed again.

Ohno: What has everyone been up to?

Sho: On the contrary, what did you do?

Nino: Let's ask Ohno-san..

Sho & Aiba: Yeah..

Ohno: I've been working..

Aiba: Oh!

Ohno: Though I've also had some rest..

Aiba: What did you do on your day off?

Nino: What we want to hear is what you did on your day off..

Ohno: Hmm..

Aiba: Ah, I'm curious.

Ohno: Lately I've been stuck on radio controlled vehicles.

Sho: [laughs]

Nino: Okay..

Sho: That's unexpected..

Nino: Yeah..

Aiba: What kind of radio controlled vehicles is it?

Ohno: It's cars..

Aiba: Oh..

Sho: Where do you drive them?

Ohno: I go to an open space.

Jun: An open space?!

All: [laughs]..

Jun: There's a lot of open spaces..

Aiba: Do you mean like a park?

Ohno: It's a park with asphalt…

Sho: Close to your home..

Nino: You have a open place close to your home..

Ohno: And there I play tag with the radio controlled car together with three friends.

Sho: Tag with radio controlled cars?

Ohno: Yes..

Sho: It seems like fun..

Ohno: It's unexpectedly funny..

Jun: So if the cars touch each other the tag car changes?

Ohno: Right..

Nino: So they knock into each other?

Ohno: They do..

Aiba: For about how long do you do it?

Sho: The time?

Aiba: Mmm..

Ohno: If the battery is loaded you can drive it for two hours..

Jun: So for how long do you do it?

Ohno: That's for noon..

Sho & Aiba: Noon?!

Jun: Woah, he's serious about this..

All: [laughs]

Nino: It's like a competition.

Ohno: After driving it for two hours, it runs out of battery.

Nino: Mmm..

Ohno: And so I charge it again and then go for the evening part.

Aiba: The evening part.. So you go two times a day?

Ohno: Yeah..

Sho: The amount of concentration you put into your hobbies is no joke!

Ohno: It's no joke! Driving radio controlled cars really tires me out.

Jun: Could you please concentrate more at the concerts meetings?

Sho: [laughs]

Jun: If you're capable of concentrating to that extent..

Ohno: I'm really sorry.

All: [laughs]

Sho: We've released a DVD.

Jun: that's right..

Nino: It has, yeah..

Aiba: Just the other day.

Sho: And we've completed the recording of the album.

Nino: congratulations.

Sho: Oh, thank you!

Ohno: Thank you.. Now then, the messages we've received from the listeners..

Nino: right..

Aiba: I'll read.. We received this from 'Pinapple-san'. Thank you very much!

All: Thank you!

Aiba: "When hearing the close Arashi talking in high spirits, it's so fun and I feel warm inside. I'm full of gratitude to you for making us smile. Truly thank you!"

Sho: Thank you from us as well!

Aiba: "My request is 'Hero'."

Jun & Sho: Oh!

Aiba: "At march the eleventh, in the middle of the never-ending tremor, I was all shook up and without thinking I put my cell phone MP3 player limited to Arashi into my pocket. though in my case, I restrained myself to listen to it. When I thought that there might come an even worse situation,  then I mustn't lose battery, in order to save Arashi's singing voices. Though I had to stop my hand from pushing the on-button many times. I didn't listen to it, but always carried it in my pocket. I was able to overcome my will to listen until the electricity was restored. For the me who loves the songs of Arashi it was difficult, but during that time of sadness, fear and insecurity, I feel that the MP3 player in my pocket gave me support. The first song that appeared when I pressed the shuffle button was 'Hero'. I cried like a child. It gave me a lot of kindness, comfort, energy and courage. 'Hero' has become a song I'll never forget. Since then, the restoration is rapidly moving forward, and my region has almost gotten back to the original life, but I don't believe the scars in our hearts will heal no matter how much time passes. I want to dedicate 'Hero' to the people around me , who lives while looking forward despite the sadness. Please play it."

Jun: I see..

Ohno: this is amazing..

Sho: Maybe songs doesn't just give power by being played or listened to.

Nino & Aiba: Right..

Aiba: Just by having the player in her pocket, it supported her.

All: Mmm..

Ohno: Then shall we go for it?

Jun: Let's have them listen to 'Hero'.

Sho: I feel like hearing it as well.

Ohno: So let's start with this song. Arashi with 'Hero'!

♪ Hero ♪

Ohno: the song played was Arashi with 'Hero'. Now then, we've still got a lot of messages from the listeners.

Nino: Yes!

Ohno: So..

Nino: I'll read!

Ohno: Matsumoto-san.

Nino: Damn!

Jun: Ok, I'll read..

Sho: You were deceived.

Nino: damn..

Jun: It's from 'Ryuuki-kun'. "Good evening, Arashi!"

All: Good evening!

Jun: "I'm a elementary school student who love the cool and funny Arashi"

Nino & Sho: Thank you!

Jun: "when the earthquake hit we were having lessons at school. Our school wasn't affected by the tsunami, but the electricity in the gymnasium was cut and we still can't use it. But during such times, we had a sports day the other day. There was a group using Arashi's song 'Monster', and showed an original dance as 'Chibikko Monsters**'."
** Means 'little monsters'

All: Wuueeeei!!

Jun: "All the grades had only two weeks to practice, but we did or best. At school Arashi is really popular!"

All: Thank you!

Jun: "I'd like to request 'Monster' as a reward for the hard work"

Nino: I see..

Jun: "I'm also looking forward to the Kaibutsu-kun movie!"

Sho & Ohno: Thank you!

Jun: "I want to meet Arashi!" That's the mail we recieved.

Aiba & Sho: Ooooh!

Jun: thank you Ryuuki-kun!

All: thank you!

Sho: Isn't this amazing? Monster is difficult, right?

Aiba: It is!

Nino: The teacher thought of something new probably, since it's an original dance.

Jun: Yeah, for the 'Chibikko monsters'

Sho: Ah,right.. They made it a bit easier.

Nino: Yeah..

Sho: They did great in accomplishing that in only two weeks time.

Aiba: Right?! I couldn't do it at all.

Ohno: [giggle]

Nino: Aiba-san can't do it in two weeks time?

Aiba: Not at all, I need two months.

Sho: [laughs]

Jun: But we're really glad they're doing this.

Aiba: We are, yeah..

Sho: We're really glad.

Ohno: Moving on, one more letter.

Sho: Okay!

Nino: I wanna read! I wanna read!

Ohno: Sho-kun!

Nino: Ah, damn!

Aiba: What's with that..

Sho: I'll reeeeeeaaaad it.

Jun: Pleeeeaaaseee do so.

Sho: We received it from 'Mayu-san'

Jun: thank you..

Sho: "Oban desu Arashi!"

All: Oban desu!

Sho: "I really enjoyed listening to the second and third broadcast."

Jun: thank you..

Sho: It seems she found out about the radio after the first show.

Nino: I see..

Sho: "I live in Higashimatsushima** The water of the tsunami was just one cm from the ceiling of the first floor. After the water had fade away, the garden was filled with mud and garbage, and the grass looked as if it had withered. But a few days ago, a lily of the valley was blooming in the garden. Feeling the life force of vegetation and seeing the flower blooming so bravely has given me strength. the flower language of Lily of the valley is 'Happiness will come'. I'm praying everyday that this little flower will give a bit of happiness to the people whose hearts and bodies have been hurt. At this stage I can only pray, But I will do my best to find something I can do to help. I'd like to request for the song 'Happiness', it will bring energy and happiness. Thank you for always giving us energy and smiles! Take care of yourself and do your best at work!"
** A city located by the sea in Miyagi.

All: thank you so much!

Sho: I've been to Higashimatsushima through a reportage on NEWS ZERO.

Nino & Jun: Yeah..

Sho: It's about a month ago.

nino & aiba: Mmm..

Sho: There were houses quite a distance away from the sea, the house I went to had had the first floor flooded. I was able to do some volunteer work to clean up the mud and garbage in the garden of that house, and it was really hard..

Nino: Yeah, since you have to clean up everything.

Sho: right..

Jun: It's totally different from the dirt created when it's just raining.

Nino: Mmm..

Ohno: That's right..

Aiba: And that's where it bloomed.

Aiba & Sho: A lily of the valley..

Sho: The person who knew that the flower language for Lily of the valley is 'Happiness will come', put your hands up?

Aiba: These kind of things are difficult. Flower language is difficult.

Ohno: now then!

nino: yeah, yeah..

Ohno: Let's go with Ryuuki-kun's request. This is Arashi with 'Monster'!

♪ Monster ♪

Ohno: The show is requesting for messages and song requests from you. Please send it through the shows mail form, the address is www.__

All: [laughs]


Jun: I just wanna check, it's supposed to be 'daburyu' (W), right?
** WWW is read daburyuーdaburyuーdaburyu, while Ohno read it like daberu-daberu-daberu

Ohno: Daburyu..

Nino: Oh, so it wasn't daberu? I was just thinking there isn't such a button.

Sho: [laughs]

Nino: So it is 'daburyu'?

Ohno: Daburyu..

Aiba: I see, now it's been settled.

Nino: Since there isn't any daberu..

Ohno: I can't say it right.. Now then!

Sho: Woah, you startled me!

Ohno: Let's go!

Sho: Oh!

Aiba: Let's go with what?

Ohno: Dialect quiz!

Nino: Yes!

Sho: Yeah, yeah!

Nino: [laughs]

Aiba: I won't lose today..

Nino: I'll take it all. I'll make this corner end at once, sorry..

Ohno: We received this from 'Mami-chan'

Jun: thank you..

Ohno: "Oban desu, Arashi!"

All: Oban desu!

Ohno: "I'm a first year university student living in Sendai**. I'm enjoying the radio show everytime!"
** The capital city of the Miyagi prefecture.

Sho: Thank you..

Ohno: "The earthquake had a big effect on the exams. The exam was to be held the next day, but  was postponed two weeks, and still I was able to enter university."

All: Congrats!

Ohno: "since you're always doing the dialect quiz, I also want to participate." So we've received a question from her.

Sho: Go ahead.

Ohno: Are you ready?

Nino: Okay.

Aiba: yeah, go on..

Ohno: 'Odazuna!!'

Sho: O-O-Odazuna?

Jun & Aiba: Odazuna..

Aiba: Is that the way you say it? in that kind of tension? Odazuna!!

Ohno: Odazuna!!

Jun: How?

Ohno: Odazuna!!

Aiba: huh?

Sho: Yes!

Ohno: Go ahead..

Sho: Sawaguna (don't be noisy)

Ohno: aaah.. it's close.

Aiba: Me! me! Sawaruna (Don't touch!)

Ohno: That's wrong..

Jun: Yes!

Ohno: Okay..

Jun: Abareruna (Don't be violent!)

Ohno: Include those kind of things in one word..

Sho: Yes!

Ohno: okay..

Sho: ochitsuke (Calm down!)

Ohno: It's close!

Aiba: choushi ni noruna (don't get carried away)

Ohno: Correct!

Sho: Eeeh?

Ohno: you're amazing..

Sho: Yeah, Aiba-san was great now..

Nino: Mmm..

Ohno: 'Odazuna yo' is used a lot on conversations as 'choushi ni noruna'. (don't get carried away!)

Aiba: Ahh..

Ohno: It's also used as 'Fuzakenaide' (don't joke around!)

Sho: It's quite a strong word, isn't it?

Nino: Mmm..

Ohno: It is..

Jun: I guess it's used by parents..

Aiba: I guess so.

Ohno: Ah, that might be so...

Sho: Towards the children?

Aiba: Mmm..

Ohno: So, we have one more..

Aiba: Okay..

Sho: Oi, oi, oi, oi!

Aiba: Let's go, let's go..

Ohno: It's from 'Wakahaha-san'

Nino: Wakahaha-san..

Jun: thank you!

Ohno: "Arashi, Oban de gozaimasu!**"
** A more respectful way of saying Oban desu (good evening).

All: Oban desu!!

Ohno: "i always enjoy listening to the show. Especially the Miyagi dialect quiz corner is great! Knowing the answer and hearing everyone's absurd answers makes me laugh!"

Sho: That's to be expected, since they know the answer..

Ohno: "So I'd also like to bring a question."

Sho: Pleeeeeaaaseee do so!

Nino: [laughs]

Ohno: this is the question!

Aiba: okay..

Nino: This is the question (imitating Ohno)

Ohno: 'Pero'

Sho: huh?

Ohno: So now what can it mean..

Aiba: Pero?

Ohno: Pero..

Nino: She brought quite an extraordinary word..

Aiba: She did, yeah..

Jun: Pero..

Sho: Me!

Ohno: Go ahead..

Sho: A country located at the tip of Africa.

Ohno: That's wrong..

Sho: [laughs]

Nino: even though you were so silly…

Sho: Yeah, he just let it slip by..

Aiba: [laughs]

Nino: Yes! yes! The name of a friends dog.

Ohno: that's wrong.

Nino: Ah, he won't touch it at all..

Sho: Yeah.. He won't play along..

Ohno: Please answer properly.

Sho: [laughs]

Nino: He's strict..

Jun: scary, scary..

Aiba: okay, okay, okay.. I got it!

Nino: Then please say in what situation it's used.

Ohno: Ah, that's difficult.. It's food.

Sho & Jun: eh?

Sho; It's a noun?

Aiba: Me!

Ohno: Okay..

Aiba: A spoon..

Jun: He said it's something you eat!

Sho: [laughs] Maybe he can eat one.. He eats spoons once in a while, right?

Ohno: Uhm.. everyone likes this food..

Sho: Everyone likes it? Got it!

Jun: Pero?!

Ohno: Okay..

Sho: Curry..

Ohno: wrong..

Aiba: Who likes 'pero' the most?

Ohno: I'm not sure, everyone eats it about once a day..

Aiba: I got it!

Ohno: okay:..

Aiba: Ame (candy)

Ohno: [laughs] wrong..

All: [laughs]

Sho: Aiba-kun, spoon and candy, you keep mentioning things you lick at..**
** licking is 'peropero' in japanese, so I guess Aiba made that connection to 'pero'.

Aiba: Ah, I see.. it's wrong..

Jun: Once a day..

Sho: Once a day..

Jun: Yes!

Ohno: Okay..

Jun: okome (Rice)

Ohno: Wrong..

Sho: Eh?

Aiba: Is it sweet or not?

Ohno: It's not sweet..

Aiba: So it's not sweet..

Nino: Yes!

Ohno: okay..

Nino: Soba (Buckwheat noodles)

Ohno: Oh!

Nino: Udon (thick wheat noodles)

Ohno: yeah, yeah..

Jun: I got it!

Ohno: okay..

Jun: Menrui (noodles in general)

Ohno: Correct!

Aiba & Sho: [laughs]

Nino: That's sneaky, isn't it?

Sho: Surely..

Nino: Its sneaky..

Ohno: Matsujun is correct..

Nino: That's sneaky..

Sho: So what's the meaning? I don't get it..

Nino: In that case if you go to a soba restaurant, and order 'pero', everything will come out?

Ohno: for example..

Sho: He's ignoring you big time.

Nino: It's strange, isn't it?

Ohno: Ramen (A dish containing chinese-style wheat noodles) is chuuka-pero (Chuuka= chinese)

Aiba: Chuuka-pero

Ohno: Kappumen (Cup noodles) is 'kappero'..

Sho: Aah..

Aiba: Kappero is nice..

Ohno: It's cute, isnt it?

Jun: So you use it to noodledishes in general?

Ohno: That's right.. Men (noodles) is pero.

Aiba: So what's udon?

Ohno: Upero.. no wait..

All: [laughs]

Ohno: So now, at last..

Sho: At last..

Ohno: We'll play this song for the first time..

Jun: It's from the new album 'Beautiful world'.

Nino: Released on the seventh of July.

Ohno: That's it.. so shall we play it? Arashi with 'Mada minu sekai e'

♪ Mada minu sekai e ♪

Ohno: So, the song played was Arashi with 'Mada minu sekai e'. this is the first time it's played..

Jun: For the ones who bought the DVD, they might have listened to it through the music video.

Nino: Mmm..

Ohno: It feels new, doesn't it? We're dancing a lot, aren't we?

Aiba: We do, yeah..

Nino: That's right..

Jun: We'd be glad if you are looking forward to the album..

Ohno: that's right.. Let's go to the world we haven't seen yet.** So, now its time to part.
** He's using a pun on Mada minu sekai e.

Nino: No, let's do more!

Ohno: And now!

Sho: what, what?!

Ohno: congratulations on your birthday, Ninomiya-san!!

Aiba: Yaaay!

Nino: Yaay!

Sho: yeah, yeah!

Jun: Last weekend was his birthday..

Nino: right..

Ohno: June the 17th.. We have a cake here..

♪ they sing Happy birthday to you ♪

Ohno: Right now Ninomiya-san blew out the candles.

Sho & Jun: Oh, he's doing a live report.

nino: Thank you so much!

Aiba: Congrats!

Jun: the cake looks delicious.

Ohno: 28 years old.. congratulations!

All: congrats!

Nino: thank you!

Jun: So we'd like to hear your ambitions for the 28th year..

Aiba: Yeah, I wanna hear..

Ohno: To everyone in Miyagi..

nino: Right.. I've safely turned 28 so, from now on I'd like to challenge a lot of things and do my best.

Ohno: Okay, do your best..

All: [laughs]

Nino: you're kidding, right!

Ohno: The show is requesting for messages and song requests from you who are listening. Please send it to the shows mail form. the homepage address is… It's open 24 hours a day. It's also okay from cell phones! We'll say our goodbyes now.. Let's meet again! Your companion has been Arashi's Ohno Satoshi and..

Nino: Ninomiya kazunari and..
Sho: Sakurai Sho and…
Jun: Matsumoto Jun and..
Aiba: Aiba Masaki!

All: Bye bye!!

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