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[2011.06.03] Fukushima FM - Arashi

Here I am with another translation right in time for the weekend.. When listening to this I was once again reminded of the healing powers Arashi's got. All my worries and irritation is blown away by these dorks.. ^_^

Date: 2011.06.03
Radio station: Fukushima FM
Participants: Arashi
MC: Jun
Audio: Mediafire (credit:junlove) pass: onearashiforeveryone
Summary: Which two members took a bath together at the training camp? and who was filming them?! When Sho tries to bring the inactive Ohno into the conversation, the reaction wasn't quite what he expected... After receiving a mail from a fanclub-member with a four digit number, the boys discuss what their own numbers are. And what number is always on Jun's concert pass? Jun plays a fool and how does Aiba react to it? And Sho bring out his best tactic to receive a hint in the dialect quiz.
Notes: Keep the audio to yourself please ^_^ It was hard to write a summary, since they're so dorky and their talk didn't really have much substance, but it's a delight to listen to.

Jun: To everyone listening to Fukushima FM, good evening! This is Arashi's Matsumoto Jun!

Aiba: Aiba Masaki!
Ohno: Ohno Satoshi!
Nino: Ninomiya Kazunari!
Sho: Sakurai Sho!

Jun: Good evening!

All: We're Arashi!

Jun: Please treat us well!

All: Please treat us well!

Jun: It's the third time for this radio, right?

All: Yes..

Jun: It's been three weeks since the last one.

Nino: It's been a while, yeah..

Aiba: Long time no see!

Jun: Has everyone been well? As for our present condition..

Nino: Yeah..

Jun: On June the 15th we'll be releasing a DVD.

Nino: That's right!

Jun: The latest three weeks we've done some things for the DVD..

Sho: [giggle] A training camp, yeah.. We went on a training camp..

Aiba: We did, yeah..

Jun: It was fun, wasn't it?

Aiba: It was..

Sho: It was Spartan, wasn't it? When we arrived there the time was right before 00.00 right?

Jun: It was, yeah..

Sho: Then we took a bath and got ready to sleep. We got ready to sleep at 03.30, wasn't it?

Jun & Nino: Mmm

Sho: And we had to wake up at 05.30, right?

Nino: That's right..

Sho: It was quite a spartan training camp when it comes to the sleeping hours..

Nino: Right..

Aiba: We worked our bodies in the morning as well. That was spartan, wasn't it?

Nino: It was, yes..

Ohno: It was a rain forecast, wasn't it?

Sho: yes, yes..

Jun: It was raining in the evening..

Aiba: yes, yes, because during the barbecue we couldn't make the fire.

Ohno: Ah, yeah..

Aiba: Because of the humidity..

Ohno: I see..

Jun: But it was fun.. It's been a while since the five of us went to a camp or slept in the same room, hasn't it?

Nino: That's right.. They cut the whole scene where Aiba-san and I took a bath, didn't they? [laughs]

Aiba: [laughs] As expected..

Sho: The one I filmed?

Aiba: Yeah.. As expected they cut it all..

Sho: I took it from quite a good angle!

Aiba: So the important parts wouldn't be filmed..

Sho: So they could include it in the DVD. It was no good after all..

Aiba: It was too much maybe...

Sho: Well, I guess that's an appropriate decision.

Aiba: [laughs] Nice choice..

Jun: Things like that is included in the DVD, was it at June 15th?

Nino: June 15th..

Jun: It's included in the limited edition, so please look forward to it.. Originally it's the DVD for the dome concert we did in January this year..

Ohno: Yeah..

Nino: That's right.. That was the final concert.

Jun: Yep.. If you watch that tour I think you can see the direction towards the next album. If possible, we'd like you to watch it..

All: Please do so !

Jun: Now then, we'll go with a mail.

Nino: Yes! Ninomiya will read!

Sho & Ohno: Pleaaaaase do so..

Jun: You dragged that out..

Ohno: [laughs]

Nino: We received one From Yuko-san.

Jun: Thank you..

Nino: "Good evening Arashi!"

All: Good evening!

Nino: "I work at a nursery school. When we were beginning to wake the children from their nap that day, a big quake hit. The children were evacuated outside without even changing their clothes, we covered them with blankets in the snowy surroundings. The aftershocks have settled down now, but when I hear words like "Let's go outside when the radiation is stable!" I can't help but feel really sorry for them. I pray that the situation at the nuclear power plant can settle down so the children can safely grow up in Fukushima. The children really likes Arashi! So please give us a lot of your smiles, songs and voices! I would like to request for 'Happiness', please."

Jun: We'll fulfill that!

Ohno: Let's fulfill it..

Sho: After all, playing outside is the most fun, right?

Nino: Yeah, you can run around a lot.. so 'Happiness' is the requested song.

Jun: We'll hope it can give them even a little bit of energy.

Nino: Mmm..

Sho: It's a fun song, isn't it?

Nino: It is, yeah..

Sho: Why is that? I get the urge to say "Yeah, yeah, yeah" when the intro plays?

Ohno: Eh?

Nino & Aiba: [laughs]

Aiba: Riida.. It's rare for you to receive a question.

Ohno: Well, isn't it because those words are in the lyrics?

Jun: Yes, they are in the lyrics. It's that kind of song..

Nino: That's why…

Jun: It's not some improvisation we came up with..

Nino: Eh? Did everyone improvise that part?

Aiba: No, no.. If we improvised the five of us wouldn't match, right? But we're perfectly matching at that part so..

Ohno: Eh, is that an improvisation?

Nino: To Sho-san that's an improvisation, right?

Sho: Yeah..

Nino & Aiba: [laughs]

Jun: Well then..

Sho: Damn..

Jun: The request from Yuko-san.

Nino: Yes.. please..

Jun: We'd like to start from this song. 'Happiness' with Arashi.

♪ Happiness ♪

Jun: You were listening to 'Happiness' with Arashi. Now then, we've received a lot of mails from the people of Fukushima that we'd like to read. Riida, please!

Ohno: Okay.. From 'Member Nr.5921'..

Jun: Oh! A four digit!

Ohno: It's a female. "By hearing this shows first broadcast by chance, I remembered 'Arashi On'**"
** 'Arashi On' was a radio show all five did around their debut.

All: Ooooh!! Wow!

Aiba: She knows about that!

Jun: But you see, the member nr is 5921(for the fanclub), She must be a fan from the first half of Arashi.

Aiba: That's true. I'm happy!

Ohno: She listened to that show..

Aiba: We're happy that she knows 'Arashi On', right?..

Sho: Mmm..

Ohno: "Fukushima is greatly affected by the Nuclear accident, and we're not in a situation to begin the rebuilding process yet but I believe a lot of fans are encouraged by hearing Arashi's voices. Thank you so much for this unexpected and wonderful gift! From now on too, please share your courage and energy to us! My request is 'Everybody, zenshin' please."

Jun: I see.. She listened to 'Arashi on'.. That was around our debut, wasn't it?

Nino: That's right..

Sho: And the place we're recording at now is the same studio where we recorded 'Arashi On'.

Jun & Nino: Yeah..

Aiba: We did Mamemaki**, didn't we?
** A ritual where you scatter beans to get out evil spirits and bad luck.

Jun & Nino: We did, yeah.

Aiba: In the studio..

Sho: That's amazing, isn't it? To do Mamemaki in a radio show..

Jun: And after the Mamemaki we had to clean up those beans.

Aiba: It was great.

Sho: It was five minute long, right?

Nino: Yeah, they let us do it..

Sho: We did it all five of us.

Aiba: It was really fun, wasn't it?

Jun: It was, yes.

Nino: The time was unexpectedly good.

Aiba: I agree..

Jun: Well, it's Nr. 5921, so she's a fan who entered the fan club quite early.

Aiba: We're glad.

Nino: What is Aiba-sans fan club number?

Aiba: I'm.. Nr. 00 .. 01,I think..

Sho: No way!

Nino: Is Aba-san Nr. 1?

Jun: We did ock-paper-scissors to decide, didn't we?

Nino: Yeah, we did..

Aiba: What number was I again?

Jun: I was Nr. 5..

Sho & Ohno: I was nr. 4.

Sho & Ohno: Huh?

Nino: I'm nr. 4

Ohno: Huh?

Sho: Or I'm nr. 2 maybe.

Aiba: I have a feeling I was nr. 1.

Nino: then Ohno-san is nr. 3?

Ohno: Was I nr. 3? I have a feeling I was nr. 4 though.

Jun: We have these kind of numbers quite a lot, don't we? Like the fan club numbers and the concert pass..

Nino: The concerts pass, yeah.

Aiba: Aaahh..

Nino: The concert passes number is always our birthdays, right?

Jun: Mine is 830.

Nino: Right?

Jun: Although there aren't 830 people in the staff.

All: [laughs]

Aiba: That's quite a jump!

Jun: Yeah, my number is quite a jump.

Nino: Mmm.. But number 5921 is quite good.

Aiba & Ohno: We're happy.

Nino: We're really grateful. Her request was 'Everybody zenshin'. Aiba-san, can you read one?

Aiba: One more letter, yeah. Then.. We received one from 'AyaArashi-san'. Thank you!

Jun: AyaArashi! (in a strange voice)

Aiba: [giggle] To everyone in Arashi, Hello!

Sho: [laughs] Sorry, wait a moment! what happened?

Nino: Why did you think you could continue like nothing happened?

Aiba: Yes?

Sho: [laughs]

Nino: Something big occurred right now, didn't it?

Ohno & Sho: [laughs]

Nino: You should've noticed.

Aiba: One more time.. Maybe I didn't catch it.

Nino: Huh? That's odd.

Aiba: Sorry, we'll go once more. We've recieved this mail from 'AyaArashi-san'

Jun: AyaArashi! (Still in a strange voice)

Aiba: "Good evening everyone!"

Nino: No no no..

Sho: Wait a moment.

Ohno: There certainly was something right now.

Nino: There was, yeah. A big happening.

Aiba: No way?

Sho: Well, if you're not bothered by it, it's fine. Let's continue as it is.

Jun: continue..

Aiba: Got it. We recieved one from 'AyaArashi-san'

Jun: AyaArashi (In the same voice)

Sho: That was a bit late.

All: [laughs]

Aiba: "Hello Arashi!"

All: Hello!!

Aiba: "I'm a middle school girl who really likes Arashi"

Jun: Giiirl..

Aiba: "My father told me Arashi is doing a radio show and I was shocked when it turned out to be true."

Sho: The father did well in knowing that!

Ohno: That's great.

Jun: He must've listened to it.

Aiba: We're glad about that.  "I live in Fukushima, but in the inland areas, so the damage wasn't big."

Jun: AyaArashi (Whisper)

Nino: [laughs]

Aiba: "But due to the radioactivity we must wear long sleeves, long trousers, hat and a face mask when we do club activities outside."

Sho: Seriously?

Aiba: "I hope we can return to our original life as soon as possible. My song request to Arashi. I would like to listen to 'Kaze'. I'm supporting you from now on as well! Though your work might be busy, please do your best!"

All: Thank you!

Sho: When they do club activities they have to dress up like that.

Aiba: Isn't it quite hard to move around when wearing a face mask?

Nino: It's hard, yeah..

Aiba: It's hard to breathe.

Sho: They have it tough.

Aiba: But she said she's supporting us, and that we should keep at it though it might be busy.

Sho: We're glad, really.

Aiba: Yes.. then, should we play that requested 'Kaze'?

Jun: Yes.

Sho: It's a good song..

Aiba: Mmm..

Jun: Then please listen. 'Kaze' with Arashi.

♪ Kaze ♪

Jun: show is brought to you by Arashi..I ..I ..I ..I Now it's time for… dialect quuuiiiiz!

Sho: Yaaay!

Aiba: Let's do it, let's do it!

Nino: We've been waiting!

Jun:  We'd like to hold a quiz on the Fukushima dialect for the second time.

Aiba: All right!

Nino: We've really waited!

Sho & Ohno: [laughs]

Jun: The previous show was the first time we did the dialect quiz. It was quite a success, so we'd like to do a part two today.

All: Thank you!

Jun: I think today's questions are difficult.

Nino: No no..

Ohno: It's alright.

Nino: Don't take us lightly. We'll manage.

Jun: Then, let's go. The first question: "Urugasu"

Sho: "Urugasu"?

Jun: Yes.

Aiba: "Urugasu"

Sho: I'll answer.

Jun: Yes.

Sho: "Oyogaseru" (to let someone free)

Jun: Hoh. It's not bad.

Sho: It's not bad?

Jun: it's not bad, but it's wrong.

Sho: "Oyogaseru" is not bad?

Aiba: Yes! yes!

Jun: Yes, Aiba-kun.

Aiba: "Ugaisuru" (to gargle)

Jun: Wrong, but it's good.

Sho: Yes! "Uruou" (to get wet)

Jun: That's wrong. The act is completely different.

Aiba: The act is different?

Jun: yeah, the act is different.

Nino: The act is different?

Jun: But they have one thing in common. What is it that they have in common?

Sho: Water?

Jun: Correct.. Extend it from that..

Nino: From water?

Sho: What? I thought I had got it right with that.

All: [laughs]

Nino: Water.

Sho: Water..

Nino: "Mizu o nomu" (To drink water)

Jun: Ah, it's like that, yeah. It's in that direction.

Ohno: Did someone already say "Ugaisuru"?

Jun: Yeah, it's said.

Sho: At what time do you "Urugasu"?

Jun: That depends.. but basically..

Sho: It's in the morning, right?

Jun: Uhm, no, it's in the evening mostly.

Aiba: I got it!

Jun: Yes?

Aiba: Take a bath

Jun: Wrong..

Aiba: Ah, it's wrong?

Jun: If I need it in the morning, I will do this preparation the evening before.

Nino: "Okome wo taku"! (To cook rice)

Jun: Wrong! Change the way you say it..

Sho: "Okome wo togu" (To wash the rice)

Jun: Wrong!

Nino & Aiba: Eh?!

Jun: "Urugasu"

Sho: "Okome wo arau" (Also means to was the rice)

Jun: close!

Aiba & Sho: The rice..

Jun: In water?

Aiba: Hitasu (To soak)

Nino: Hitasu

Jun: Correct!

Sho: Daaamn! This is vexing!

Jun: It goes to Aiba-kun.

Aiba: Yaaaay! I did it!

Nino: I was so close though..

Jun: "Urugasu" means to put in water or soak in water. Used in a sentence it would be "Soak the rice in water" (He says it in Fukushima dialect).

Aiba: I see..

Jun: "Urugasu". It's done in the evening, right? If you want to eat it in the morning, you prepare it the evening before.

Sho: I see..

Jun: Let's move on to the second question. Ta-da "Idamasui"

Aiba: "Idamasui"

Ohno: "Idamasui"

Sho: "Idamasui"

Nino: "Idamasui"

Sho & nino: Ida Masumi? (A name)

Ohno: [laughs]

Aiba: A person?

Jun: It's not a name.

Nino: Yes! "Itadakimasu" (an expression of gratitude before you eat)

Jun: wrong!

Sho: "Idamasui"

Aiba: "Ojama shimasu" (Pardon my intrusion)

Jun: Wrong.

Sho: "Irasshaimase" (Welcome)

Jun: Wroooong.

Sho: "Ikaga desuuuu?" (How is it? or How about it?)

Jun: Wroooong.

All: [laughs]

Sho: "Ikaga desuuuu?"

Jun: Wroooong.

All: [laughs]

Sho: It's no good. I thought it would be correct if I was stubborn.

Ohno & Aiba: "Idamasui"

Sho: "Idamasui"

Nino: We want a hint.

Ohno: Mmm..

Jun: Ehm..It's quite different but, things can go bad, right? This dialect word seems to have it's origin in "Itamu" (to go bad / to be damaged)

Sho: It comes from "Itamu"?

Jun: Yes.

Sho: "Idamasui". Ah! "Mada tabereru" (It's still edible)

Jun: Ohhh!

Sho: Really?!

Jun: It's in that direction.

Nino: It's that something can still be used, right?

Sho: "Idamasui". Has its origins in "To go bad/To be damaged".

Jun: But it's a different meaning than "To go bad"

Ohno: Eh?

Jun: It's got to do with when something goes bad.

Nino: It's something you say when things go bad?

Jun: Yeah.. It's like magical banana**. Like when I think about "to go bad", I think about...
** Magical banana is a word game where you say what you think about when you hear a special word, creating a chain and following a special rhythm.. For example: Banana - yellow - sun - warm - fire and so on.

Aiba: Ah, let's do it!

Nino: Aiba-san will do it..

Sho: Magical Arashi..

Aiba: Magical Arashi, When I think of Arashi, I think of..  "going bad."

Sho: That's weird!

All: [laughs]

Sho: "Going bad" was what you should have started with!

Jun: When I think of "going bad" I think of..?

Aiba: When I think of "going bad" I think of..

Sho: Eeeh?

Nino: We want a hint.

Sho: That's right. A hint please!

Aiba: Please please!

Sho: Hint please.. [laughs]

Nino & Ohno: [laughs]

Aiba: Let's try with a gesture?

Sho: Pleeeaase.

Ohno: [laughs]

Nino: He's crying.

Jun: what happened, Sho?

Sho: A hint pleeaaaseee!

Ohno: He wants a hint.

Sho: You want a hint?

Aiba: Sho, I've asked him to do gestures, so it's all right!

Sho: Uuuh, gestures, please.

Nino: Do it over there, please.

Jun: Over there?

Aiba: Use your whole body and do a gesture.

Jun: Here I go! "Idamasui".

Aiba: He's picking something up and puts it in his pocket.

Jun: Ah, this is also "Idamasui"

Aiba: There's that many "Idamasui"?  AH! "Kore kueru" (This can (still) be eaten)

Jun: And why is that?

Sho: Mo..

Ohno: Mottainai (What a waste (To throw it away)!)

Jun: Correct!

Sho: Eeeeeh? That's great..

Aiba: Aaaah.. It finally appeared.

Jun: "Idamasui" means "Mottainai"

Sho: Mottainai?

Jun: Yeah, "what a waste". The next question is the last one.

Sho: Seriously?!

Aiba: I'll do my best.

Sho: Give us more!

Nino: I agree.

Ohno & Aiba: [giggle]

Sho: I want to do this more!

Ohno: [laughs]

Nino: Let's do this..

Ohno: Sho-chan, don't cry..

Jun: don't cry..

Sho: The question, please..

Jun: Okay. "Fuda"

Sho: Eh?

All: "Fuda"

Jun: The intonation might be wrong but here's an example "Fuda ni gozarisu kara, nanbodemo tabesai" (There are * *** of these, so eat as many as you want.)

Sho: "Fuda ni gozarisu kara, nanbodemo tabesai"?

Ohno: "Gozarisu"?

Nino: Yes!

Jun: Yes, Ninomiya-kun!

Nino: "Fudan kara" (normally)

Jun: Wrong.

Nino: Ah, sorry..

All: [laughs]

Sho: You don't need to feel so down..

Aiba: Me! Me!

Jun: Yes, Aiba-kun..

Aiba: "Ousetsuma" (A reception room). "Because it's in the reception room, you can eat a lot"

Nino: you're right there, maybe..

Jun: Wrong.

Aiba: Ah, I see.. I'm sorry..

Nino: [laughs]

Sho: Ah! We have "very much" of these so eat as much as you want.

Jun: Ohh.. Ohh.. Ohh..

Sho: How is it?

Jun: It's almost correct.

Sho: We have "a lot" of these!

Jun: Correct!


All: [laughs]

Jun: He's so bothersome..

Nino: You did it, Sho!

Jun: Congratulations.

Sho: It was difficult, wasn't it?

Jun: This time it was, yeah..

Sho: It was difficult, but the more difficult, the funnier it is, right?

Aiba & Nino: [laughs]

Jun: Thank you..

Aiba: His tension is high..

Jun: It would be nice if the listeners could send in some dialect questions.

Nino: Please send them in.

Jun: Please do so. Now then, let's listen to this song, The request from 'Member nr. 5921', 'everybody, zenshin' with Arashi.

♪ Everybody zenshin ♪

♪ Everything ♪

Jun: The ending song is 'Everything' with Arashi. This is the end, everyone!

Aiba: Yes..

Sho: I don't want to!

Nino: That's can't be true!

Ohno: It can't be true..

Nino: This is the opening, isn't it?

Sho: [laughs] It's not the opening!

Jun: It was fun, wasn't it?

Sho & Nino: It's been fun, yeah..

Aiba: Thank you.

Jun: We've entered June but the situation is still difficult. So that everyone can get cheered up even a little bit, we'd like to continue our support, so we hope you can continue listen to this radio. This show is requesting for your messages or the songs you want to hear. Please send through the shows mail form. the homepage address is www.___ . It's open 24 hours a day. It's also okay to send from cell phones. Please send us your messages.

Sho, Nino & Aiba: Please..

Jun: This is all for now. We hope you listen next time! This has been Arashi's Matsumoto Jun and..

Aiba: Aiba Masaki and..
Ohno: Ohno Satoshi and..
Nino: Ninomiya Kazunari and..
Sho: Sakurai Sho!

All: Bye bye!
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