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[2011.05.30] Date FM Miyagi - Arashi

I'm sorry for the long wait, my limited free time has been spent on my own Arashi dose, but things are calm now before the summer arrives, so I'll be able to translate a bit... Please bear with my uneven pace. >.< Unfortunately I haven't found my own audio for this and the upcoming one, but Anj's got them..

Date: 2011.05.30
Radio station: Date FM Miyagi
Participants: Arashi
MC: Nino
Audio: Anj
Summary: They talk about the training camp 2011, and when Aiba tries to explain Sho snoring his choice of words can be misunderstood. The messages from the people of Miyagi are real tear-jerkers. During the dialect quiz, after hearing the meaning of the dialect Gaga, Sho wonders how he could report that to a certain person.
Notes: The messages in this show is just... I'm amazed by their strength..

Nino: Everyone listening to Date FM, Oban desu!** This is Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari!
** Oban desu means good evening in the Miyagi dialect.

Sho: This is Sakurai Sho!
Jun: This is Matsumoto Jun!
Aiba: This is Aiba Masaki!
Ohno: This is Ohno Satoshi!

All: This is Arashi!

Aiba: Oban desu!

Nino: Oban desu!

Jun: Good evening!

Nino: Please treat us kindly! Well then, let's talk about what everyone's been up to these three weeks…

Aiba: Yeah, yeah..

Sho: Since it's been a while..

Nino: Yes, yes, it's been a while..

Aiba: Long time no see!

Sho: A long time no see…

Ohno: A long time no see..

Nino: What did everyone do?

Sho: I'll say it, okay?

Nino: Oh, Please do so..

Sho: Some might know it already..

Nino: Yeah..

Sho: We will release a DVD and an album..

Nino: That's right..

Sho: We went to a training camp to be put in the DVD, didn't we?.

Aiba & Nino: Yeah, yeah.

Sho: It was fun, wasn't it?

Nino: It was, yeah..

Aiba: The five of us hasn't slept together in the same room for years, right?

Jun: It was a long time ago, yeah..

Nino: Right..

Aiba: We made a new discovery, didn't we?

Nino: Oh, we did! I see..

Ohno: What is that?

Aiba: Well, it's many years ago, but previously when I slept with Sakurai-san..

Sho: Aiba..

Aiba & Nino: [laughs]

Aiba: When I slept with Sakurai-san..

Sho: Aiba..

Aiba: Yes? When I slept wi..

Nino: That was in Miyagi, right?

Aiba: It was in Miyagi, yes.. You remember that time, don't you?

Jun: During the Time tour in 2007...

Aiba: Me and Riida was talking about it the whole time, you remember, right? That Sho-san's teeth grinding was like the vibration of a cell phone.

Nino: [laugh]

Sho: I see..

Aiba: Do you remember?

Ohno: It was a room for three people, wasn't it?

Aiba: At that time, yeah..

Nino: We split up in two and three...

Aiba: Yes.. And this time all five slept, didn't we?

Nino: Yes..

Aiba: It had progressed! (the teeth grinding)

Sho: Well, to just have stopped the development in 2007 would have been bad.

Aiba: Right...

Jun: Sho-san thought he'd be a nuisance with his teeth grinding, so he brought a mouth piece**
** They probably mean those rubber braces you place on your teeth to stop grinding during the night.

Sho: I'm a moralist, you see..

Aiba: That's right.. You had morals..

Nino: Then since he brought that there wasn't any teeth grinding, right?

Sho: There wasn't..

Jun: There was no problem..

Nino: This side (probably Jun, Nino and Sho) brought along mouth pieces..

Aiba: Yes, I'm really glad that you brought them but.. Then should I imitate how Sakurai Sho sounds when he sleeps wearing a mouthpiece?

Sho: Well, I think it sounds normal..

Nino: It's normal.. it won't be funny..

Sho: I'm quiet..

Aiba: I'll do it now.. [snoring sound]**
** for those who can't listen to the audio, I do refer to the training camp of Scene DVD dome edition where Aiba is imitating Sho's snoring..

Sho: [laugh] That's a lie!

Aiba: If you look at the film clip you'll understand at once!

Sho: That kind of clip isn't included! (in the dvd) [laughs]

Jun: The sound isn't used at that part, but in reality, it was like that..

Aiba: [laugh]

Ohno: It really was like that..

Sho: Do I say "pshhuu"?

Jun: When you go scuba diving, you have a oxygen tank, right?

Nino: yeah, yeah..

Jun: It sounded like when you breath through that..

Sho: I didn't breath through that when sleeping!!

All: [laughs]

Jun: The whole time it was like [sound of breathing with an oxygen tank]

Sho: Aaah..

Aiba: Matsujun, you heard it too, right?

Jun: I somewhat couldn't sleep because of that..

All: [laugh]

Ohno: Because he slept next to him..

Sho: About that, I'm sorry..

All: [laughs]

Aiba: It was fun, though, right?

All: It was fun, yeah..

Nino: A lot like that is included in the DVD..

Sho: That's right..

Nino: Once again, on June the 16th, the DVD will be released.

Sho: Yeah!

Nino: We'd like you to check it out.. And the music video of 'Mada mini sekai e' is included.

Jun: It's a song from the next album..

Nino: We're charging ahead, yeah.. (Because the album was released after the DVD) We've received a request!

Sho: We received one from 'Kanako-sensei'.

All: Thank you..

Sho: "Arashi, Oban desu!"

All: Oban deesuu!

Sho: "I enjoyed listening to the first and second show. I'm working at a nursery school. We had our hands full with protecting the children, who were in the middle of a nap, when the earthquake occurred at march the 11th. We covered the children with mattresses and gathered everyone in the middle of the room. There were a lot of kids afraid for the aftershocks that continued for the day, but I remember we were desperate in turning the mood and laugh. Now the aftershocks has calmed down, but the scars in the children's heart after the earthquake is deep, so when 'playing house' they say "Ah, it's an earthquake!" or "A fire started because of an earthquake, right?". By no means can you believe it's a three year old childs conversation by the topics. However, the topic that is as popular as the earthquake, is the talk about Arashi. "Yesterday I watched Arashi's TV-show!" or "OO-kun likes Aiba-chan! It's the same as Kanako-sensei, right?" or "I want to meet Arashi. I want them to come play at nursery school!" Those kind of talks appear a number of times during the day. When they 'play house', with a toy cell phone "Ah, it's a phone call from Arashi! Hello!" they have that kind of play, and when I see the children sing Arashi's songs with a big smile, I feel very happy. You can't believe how many smiles the children and I have received from Arashi, truly truly thank you! From now on, please give us a lot of smiles and energy! I'd like to request for the song my class really loves, 'Troublemaker'.. Right now everyone has remembered the refrain and can sing it perfectly!"

All: Amazing!

Sho: "OO-kun likes Aiba-kun!" is in the children's conversation. It's OO-kun! It's surely a boy.**
** this is a japanese honorific suffix. -Kun is mostly used for boys and -chan is used for girls.

Aiba: I'm glad.. They're watching us..

Nino: That means Kanako-sensei also likes Aiba-kun..

Ohno: Since they were the same, yeah..

Aiba: Kanako-sensei, thank you!

Nino: Now then let's listen to it.. Arashi with Troublemaker.

♪ Troublemaker ♪

Nino: The song played was Troublemaker with Arashi. Now then, we've received a lot of messages from the people of Miyagi.

Sho: Thank you!

Nino: Let's begin reading them...

Jun: I'll go.. We received one from Ayamin-san.. "Good evening Arashi!"

All: Good evening!

Jun: "I'm a first year in middle school! Watching the catastrophe situation on the news really shocked me. At my middle school we're thinking about what we can do right now. I've learned the importance of cooperation with this earthquake. The cherry blossom trees were pushed down by the tsunami but even when they have fallen, the cherry blossom continued blooming, I received courage from that! That's why I would like to request for 'Sakura sake'. In 'Sakura sake's rap, the line "Fumidasu kono ippo wo"** has given me a lot of courage!"
** 'Fumidasu kono ippo wo' means 'I advance one step'

Sho: I'm glad.. It's amazing though, isn't it?

Nino: It's amazing..

Sho: The cherry trees.

Jun: That's life force...

Nino: Really, yeah.. Riida, wanna read?

Ohno: Should I read one? Okay.. From Sou-tan. "I'm a third year in elementary school. I made my dad mail this! The day of the earthquake, I was playing football and even though I was outside, it was very scary! Dad finally came home the next morning. Until dad came home, mom protected us. Because mom is a girl, I think she was very scared. I did my best not to cry until dad came home. The night was scary, but I sang 'Lotus' together  with mom, and by that the nervousness loosened up. We sang 'Lotus' the whole time, that's why my request is 'Lotus'. It's the song of the drama mom loves! I'd like to give this present to mom who did her best! I got cheerful again because of everyone in Arashi! Thank you!"

Aiba: This is deeply moving..

Nino: it is, yeah..

Sho: That an child in third year of elementary school would say "Because mom is a girl, I think she was very scary.."

Nino: You can't say that easily..

Aiba: Yeah, you can't quite say that so easily.. "I'd like to give this present to mom", that feeling is great as well, right?

Nino: By that, let's listen to it. Arashi with 'Lotus'

♪ Lotus ♪

Nino: The show is requesting for the listeners messages and the songs you want to hear. Please send it through the shows mail form. The homepage address is www.__… Now it's..

Ohno: Oh?!

Nino: Dialect quuuiiiz !!

Sho: YES!  

All: YAAY!

Sho: YES!

Aiba: let's do it, lets do it!

Sho: the long-waited-for!

Nino: Yeah, the long-waited-for.. everyone's been waiting..

Sho: I've been waiting for this day for three weeks!

Nino: Right?!

Jun: WE are really enjoying this, but the people listening knows them, don't you think?..

Sho: Haven't we received that, brother?

Nino: Yeah, we've received this from Sara-chan.. "Everyone in Arashi, Good evening.. I'm a third year high schooler living in Sendai**. I really enjoy listening to this show, and the dialect quiz during the previous show was very amusing."
** Sendai is the capital city of the Miyagi prefecture.

Sho: YAAY!

All: Thank you!

Ohno: Thanks..

Nino: "Actually I didn't understand both of the questions.."

Sho: Eh?

Jun: Are you serious?

Aiba: To where is this Dialect quiz directed to?

Nino: [laugh]

Ohno: Does it differ from places maybe?

Sho: It differs from regions..

Nino: "But I asked my mother if you say 'jasu'** about jerseys, and she said they do."
** In the previous Miyagi show they had the Miyagi dialect 'jasu' as a question. It means jersey.

Aiba: Young people doesn't know about them maybe..

Sho: That's very likely..

Nino: That's why.. we'll hold a dialect quiz!

Aiba: Let's do it!

Nino: The first question! Te-den! 'Gaga'

Sho: Gaga?

Aiba: Gaga.

Nino: Gaga.

Aiba: Gaga.

Ohno: Gaga?

Sho: Yes! Asa (Morning)

Nino: That's wrong..

Aiba: Gaga..

Jun: Yes! Tori (Bird)

Nino: That's wrong.. It's a title..

Sho: A title?

Jun: Yes! Okaasan (mother)

Nino: Correct!!

Jun: Thank you!

Aiba: That's fast..

Sho: How do you know it?

Ohno: How do you get it?

Jun: There are times when you hear Kaka-sama**, right?
** Old and formal way to say mother or wife.

Sho: I see..

Jun: Like when you watch dramas or such, they use words like Kaka-sama or Okaasan (he changes the intonation)..

Sho: yes, yes, yes.. So when they first heard Lady Gaga, did they maybe think about a mother..? [laughs]

Nino & Aiba: [laughs]

Aiba: Maybe that's so..

Sho: When they heard it for the first time that must've been so..

Jun: They must've thought "Eh, mother?".

Nino: The explanation is exactly as he said, that 'Gaga' is 'Kaka' spoken with an accent..

Aiba: Heeeh? Matsujun's amazing, really..

Nino: If you add Gaga-SAN it can also be used as Okusan (wife).

Sho: If you tell that to Lady Gaga, won't she be glad? How should we tell her? [laughs]

All: [laughs]

Jun: Sakurai-san, do your best on that.. If you have a chance to interview her, please tell her..

Nino: "Actually, in the Miyagi prefecture.."

Sho: "Your name means mother in Miyagi.." … if I was told that I wouldn't know how to react..

Nino: [laughs] So if you say Gaga-sama it turns to Okusama (A more respected way to say wife) as well. It can be used that way..

Jun: I see..

Nino: Then, let's go.. The second question! Te-den! Everyone say 'Thank you' properly. A question we received from Miiko-san.

All: Thank you!

Nino: 'Pii-chan'

Ohno: [laughs]

Sho: Eeehh?

Jun: Is that a dialect?

Nino: It is a dialect..

Aiba: It's not a word that's popular around her, but a dialect, is it?

Nino: yes..

Aiba: Pii-chan?

Nino: We've properly received hints and such for reference.

Sho: This is a great questioner.. Yes!

Nino: Yes please..

Sho: Hiyoko (A chick)

Nino: Aaah, I see.. I understand that..

Sho: Even if it's off? It's incorrect, right?

Nino: Ah, yes it's incorrect..

Sho: I see..

Nino: Maybe you won't know..

Jun: Yes!

Nino: yes please!

Jun: Tebasaki (Chicken wings)

Nino: Ah, I understand that..

Sho: [laughs]

Jun: I'm just glad that you understand..

Aiba: Yes! yes!

Nino: Aiba-san..

Aiba: Fue (Flute, pipe whistle)

Nino: what?!

Aiba: Fue!

Nino: Ah, That's wrong..

Sho: [laughs]

Ohno: Yes!

Nino: Ohno-san..

Ohno: Izumi Pinko-san..**
** Izumi Pinko is a japanese actress and singer born in 1947.

Nino: Aaaah, but well.. it's that kind of name..

Aiba: So it's a name..

Jun: A name?

Nino: Yeah.. One more hint, there's another way of saying it as well.. 'Oppi-san'

Jun & Sho: Oppi-san?

Nino: It's a woman..

Aiba: A woman?

Nino: Yeah, And she's everyone's superior.

Sho: Eh?!

Nino: But despite that, it's Pii-CHAN..**
** Nino means that the honorific suffix -chan isn't usually used to someone superior.

Nino: Then, shall I reveal one more hint? It's a hint of how you say it in Tokyo..

Sho: Eeeh? is it okay to say that?

Nino: I'll say the first letter. 'HI'..

Sho: yes!

Nino: yes..

Sho: Hiiobaachan (great grandmother)


Sho: Yaaaaaaay!!

Nino: Amazing.. I thought it wouldn't come up..

Aiba: Great!..

Sho: As I thought..

Nino: Miiko-chan also thought this would absolutely not be figured out.

Ohno: Hiiobaachan is Pii-chan..

Sho: It's cute, isn't it?

Aiba & Nino: Yeah..

Sho: It's really cute..

Nino: They say Pii-chan or Oppi-san, to great grandmother.

Sho: Heeeh?

Nino: That's the end. This is all for today.

Sho: No waaaaay?

Aiba: That's fast..

Sho: I was so looking forward to it..

Nino: But I think this time was good, everyone. There was a lot of dialects you could use.

Ohno: Pii-chan..

Jun: Pii-chan and Oppi-san and Gaga.

Nino: Aren't these good though? Name for a mother and such..

Sho: Shorter versions, yeah..

Nino: We'd like you to send them in one after the other.

Ohno: This's interesting.

Sho: That the listeners are sending in makes us happy.

Nino: We're glad, yeah.. Miiko-san, thank you! Please everyone, send them to us! Now I'd like to play a song though, from the mail Jun-kun was reading earlier.

Jun: Yes.. the mail.. Ayamin.

Nino: We'd like to play Ayamin's request. Let's hear it, Sakura Sake with Arashi.

♪ Sakura Sake ♪

Nino: Now then, the five us us has been presenting this show, but..

Sho: You're kidding, right?

Nino: It will soon be the time to part.

Aiba: Really? It went by fast..

Sho: It's fast.. It always goes fast..

Nino: Time flies when you're having fun.. But there's more to come! We'd like to continue interacting with everyone. The show is requesting for the listeners messages and the songs you want to hear. Please send it through the shows mail form. The homepage address is www.__. It's open for 24 hours. It's also okay from cell phones! We'd like everyone to send in!

Sho: We're waiting!

Nino: That means now it's time for goodbye.. Let's meet again. Your companion until now has been Arashi's Ninomiya Kasunari and..

Sho: Sakurai Sho and..
Jun: Matsumoto Jun and..
Aiba: Aiba Masaki and..
Ohno: Ohno Satoshi!

All: Bye bye!

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