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[2011.05.09] Date FM Miyagi - Arashi

Radio station: Date FM Miyagi
Participants: Arashi
MC: Aiba
Audio credit goes to: ANJ
Summary: A bunch of Arashis touched by some great messages from Miyagi. Aiba and his mind strikes once again when he challenges the MC position! Sho talks about going to Miyagi and thinks a 8 word sentence is the meaning of just 1 word. And Aiba is once again teased for his speech.
Notes: This show was mainly about sending songs to the victims, so there's not THAT much talk.. There's one part in the dialect quiz corner that I just can't catch no matter how many times I listen. It's a guess of Riida's and I decided to cut away the rest of the conversation around his answer because that wouldn't have made any sense anyway! I'm sorry! If anyone who has the audio and can catch what Riida is saying, tell me please.. >.<

Aiba: Everyone listening to Date FM:

All: Oban desu!
** Oban desu means konbanwa (good evening) in Miyagi dialect

Aiba: This is Arashi's Aiba Masaki..
Ohno: Ohno Satoshi!
Nino: Ninomiya Kazunari!
Sho: Sakurai Sho!
Jun: Matsumoto Jun!

Aiba: Oban desu!

All: Obaaaan deesu!

Aiba: Everybody..

Sho: it's been a while..

Nino: it's really been a while..

Aiba: We've come back after three weeks.. Sho-chan, you went (To Miyagi), didn't you?

Sho: I did.. On April the 11th I went to Ishinomaki** and Onagawa**. About what wasn't aired, at Onagawa, I was able to meet some children, I think they were elementary school students. I told them to take care of their health and such.. To go to the actual place, I once again strongly felt the size of the damaged area. But the elementary school students I met was really cheerful so I received courage, or how to say.. it made me happy.
** Ishinomaki is a city facing the ocean and was greatly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. I believe he went there with News ZERO.
*** Onagawa is a town next to Ishinomaki, also facing the ocean.

Aiba: It also seems that the people of Miyagi listened to the first show, because we received a lot of mails.

All: thank you so much!

Aiba: Among those, Riida please read one..

Ohno: Okay! From Hayaka-san. "Everyone in Arashi, good evening!"

All: Good evening!!

Aiba: Oban desu!

All: Oban desu!

Ohno: "I was really happy and received a lot of energy when hearing the music and everyone's stories of Miyagi during the last show" Thank you so much!

Jun: We're glad!

Ohno: "The song I would like to request is STILL.. Until the electricity was restored, I listened to it a lot on my cell phones audio player which still had battery-time. Especially when hearing the rap part of this song, I thought "it's not only me!" and "Lets do my best until I can meet my friends and important persons". It put me in a very positive feeling. Everyone has a person they want to meet, I want to meet everyone in Arashi and I also want to meet all the fans of Arashi! And to the people victimized by the disaster, you have a lot of friends! Let's meet again smiling! We'll meet! Let's hold out together until that day! That's what I'd like to convey through this song.. 'itsuka waratte matta saikai, sou zettai'**"
** it's a line from the song STILL.. the meaning is: Someday we'll meet again smiling, yes I know it!

All: Thank you so much..

Sho: we're glad..

Ohno: The fact that she listened to our song by the little battery left is somehow.. And that it made her positive and energized makes us really happy.

Jun & Aiba: we're really glad.

Sho: Hayaka-san also lastly mentioned the rap lyrics; "itsuka waratte matta saikai, sou zettai". it's be nice if she can meet her friends and the people from her hometown. In the rap part of Still there is a part like this "Boku wa koko kara seikou o negatteru"** I brought along the rap lyrics I had made in my private time and inserted it in Still.. Well, originally that lyric was "Bokura koko kara seikou o negatteru"***. Well, in Still the meaning is different, but from now on Arashi is hoping for your success! We're hoping for reconstruction! It would be nice if people could listen to it with that message in mind.
** Boku wa koko kara seikou o negatteru - I'll be hoping for your success from now
Bokura koko kara seikou o negatteru - We'll be hoping for your success from now

Aiba: That is right! Let's start from that Still.. This is Still with Arashi.


Aiba: The song played was Still with Arashi. There's still much more messages we have received, so I'd like to present them.

Nino: Then, should I do it?

Aiba: It's alright!!

Nino: thank you!

Sho: Please..

Jun: let's go let's go!

Nino: umm.. We received one from Massu-san. Thank you so much!

Aiba: Massu! yeaah!

Jun: Masssuu!!

Sho: yeaah!

Nino: umm.. "My house was flooded to the ceiling of the first floor and all the first floor things were annihilated. I haven't been able to watch the TV-shows Arashi appears in. It's good that my family is safe and we have our house left, but I am a fourth year in university and my job-hunting had stopped. To tell the truth, it's painful. I can only rely on the radio for fun right now. I was truly happy when the Arashi I love spoke to Miyagi! please continue broadcast at fixed time. And also, I'm waiting for that someday a concert will be held in Miyagi. My request is Fight song, please!" This was what we recieved..

Sho: Massu-san said that it's good her house is left, but after actually have been there my feeling is that, even if the house is still there, it's about whether you can still live there or not. Of course it differs from people to people, some find it hard.. So like Massu-san is writing, I believe it's painful.. that she listens to our radio because of the difficulty makes us happy.

Aiba: I feel that she's facing forward.. from the mail.

Jun: These two-three years.. ehh.. 2007 was the last time we held a concert at Miyagi.

Sho: Time!

Jun: It was during Time, yes.. Since then, we haven't been there lately. It would be good if we could meet in smiles at a concert again.

Sho: That's true..

Nino: If a day where she can hear Fight song at a concert would come, it would be great.

Aiba: Of course we're going to play it here at the show, but before that.. One more letter, Sho-chan please!

Sho: Roger!

Aiba: Eeey!

Sho: We received one from Mariko-san!

Jun: Mariko-san!

All: thank you!

Sho: "Since the earthquake it's been a mountain of sad things, but because I'm a mother, I won't cry. When I'd decided to strain my feelings and be strong I heard Hatenai Sora at Arashi ni Shiyagare, and the tears I'd tried to hold back overflowed, and I cried loudly. It put me a little at ease. After that, I've been able to advance little by little. What I'm always talking about with my friends is, "let's create a Miyagi where Arashi can with relief come and hold a concert". We're gonna do our best for the restoration of Miyagi and Tohoku, so you too, please take care of your health and do your best with the daily work! My request is Smile, please."

All: Thank you so much..

Sho: She watched Hatenai sora..

Nino: At Shiyagare, yeah..

Ohno: we're grateful..

Sho: I guess there are a lot of people who is like 'BECAUSE I'm a mother' and 'BECAUSE I'm a father'..

Aiba: There are a lot..

Jun: After all, they have a strong feeling of wanting to protect their children.

Sho: That she talked with her friends about creating a Miyagi where Arashi can with relief come and hold a concert, makes us happy, right?

Ohno: It's like they're helping each other as well.

Nino: That's right. it's good that there are people like this who are facing forward..

Aiba: That's right..

Jun: We would like to continue supporting as well.

Aiba: That is so.. So that we're able to interact with the listeners like this. From now on we'll also continue to move forward, right?

Sho: That's right..

Jun: For the people who have sent in today, the situation might change from today, so we're glad if you tell us the present conditions from now on..

Aiba: Now then, let's present the requested song, Smile with Arashi!


Jun: The show is requesting for the listeners messages and the songs you want to hear. Please send it through the shows mail form. The homepage address is www.__… It's also okay from cell phones. We're waiting for messages from you!

Sho: We're waiting!

Jun: You've just listened to Smile with Arashi.

Aiba: Then! Now that we've been enlivened by Smile..

Sho: Is it possibly?!

Aiba: We'll do it!

Ohno: What?

Aiba: What we'll do this time is..

Jun: Yeah..

Aiba: it's dialect quiz Miyagi prefecture volume!

Jun: Oh, there it came! dialect quiz?

Sho: Dialect quiz?

Aiba: I'll say some word in the miyagi dialect so..

Nino: Is this okay?

Jun: Please properly remember the intonation as well.

Aiba: About that, I've properly received a lecture on it..

Sho: I see…

Aiba: So please relax..  Let's go, the first question! "Azudasuta" (not 100% sure how it spells)

Sho: Azudasuta?

Aiba: Azudasuta!

Sho: Azudasuta?

Aiba: If I were to say this word, it would be this reaction, I think..

Jun: It's not about you!

Aiba: Ah no no.. the meaning of it..

Jun: Ahh, I see..

Aiba: If it were in Tokyo, "AH! Azudasuta!"  (he's trying to hint in what kind of tone and tension it's said.)

Sho: That's the way you say it?

Aiba: yeah, that was a super hint!

Nino: Is a "Ah!" with it?

Aiba: "Ah!" is suited for it..

Jun: "Ah! arigato gozaimasu." (ah, thank you)

Aiba: Aaaaaaaah, it's totally wrong..

Jun: What was with the 'Aaaaaah' just now then?

Sho: Yes!

Aiba: go Sho-chan!

Sho: "Ah, Ashita no yotei te nan datta ka na?" (Ah, what were the plans for tomorrow again?)

Aiba: It's not that long! Did I say such a long word?

All: [laughs]

Jun: It was close..

Sho: was it close?

Nino: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think we got really close with that..

Aiba: Like I said, it's NOT close!

Sho: [laughs]

Nino: "Ah! machigaeta" (Ah, I made a mistake)

Aiba: CLOSE!

Sho: So it's like that..

Aiba: close!

Jun: Try saying it one more time!

Aiba: "Ah! azudasuta"

Jun: "Ah! Wasureteta" (Ah, I forgot about it)

Aiba: unn, it's the way you say it.. What you are saying is really close but.. Riida, can you guess?

Ohno: (I really can't hear what he is saying here, sorry!)

Aiba: Should I go with one more hint..

Sho: Bring it!

Jun: When is the most recent time Aiba-san used that word, not the dialect but the word in standard japanese?

Aiba: Like, when I'm thinking of something..  "Ah ! azudasuta!"

Ohno: I got it!

Aiba: I went too far on that hint maybe..

Jun: Riida, you got it?

Ohno: Yeah, I'm probably right.. Omoidashita (I remember / I recalled)

Aiba: Correct! One point to Riida!

Nino: Eh?, do we get points for this?

Aiba: That's right..

Nino: You should say that before the start, how many points it is for that question and so..

Aiba: Well, that is an enjoyment afterwards..

Nino: Afterwards?

Aiba: Okay then, it's one point for one question.. Here, one point!

Aiba: Next, the second question!

Sho: This is interesting...

Aiba:  "Jasu"

Nino & Sho: JASU?!

Aiba: [laughs] You're in harmony! it's 'jasu', yes..

Sho: Try say a situation with it..

Aiba: Hmm.. "Ah, This is bad! I forgot my 'jasu' today. Are you serious?!."

Nino: Ah, it's a thing.. it's a noun..

Aiba:  "I forgot my 'jasu'.. this is bad."

Ohno: Wallet!

Aiba: It's not wallet..

Sho: Tissues

Aiba: wrong, wrong, wrong..

Jun: Keys!

Aiba: it's not keys. It's not the me right now in that setting, I'm a student..

Sho: Do you get scolded at if you forget it? gym clothes?

Aiba: Really close! But it's the way you say it that's different!

Nino: Gym uniform!

Aiba: Wrong!

Jun: PE uniform!

Sho: [laughs]

Aiba: wrong! wrong! it's close, it's close!

Nino: Jersey!

Aiba: Correct!


Ohno: Jersey huh?

Aiba: It's called 'Jasu'..

Jun: That's cool, isn't it? 'Jasu' is cool.

Nino: Yeah, like "Where did you buy that 'jasu'?"

Aiba: That's how it is.. like "Let me borrow your 'jasu' today.."

Nino: [laughs] "Let me borrow your jasu" ?!

Aiba: Since I forgot it today..

Sho: There are no one who brings two jerseys..

Aiba: Now when we're so stirred up, let's go with one more song..

Jun: Let's play Massu-san's request.

Aiba: That's right.. Massu-san, and all the listeners, please listen to Arashi with 'Fight song'!


Aiba: Now then, this was presented by the five of Arashi, but soon it's time to part.

Sho: It's fast, isn't it?

Jun: It's fast, yeah..

Nino: Can't we continue?!

Aiba: We want to do more.. but there is a limit to the time. It'd be nice to meet in the third show.. (this was the second show they aired in Miyagi)

Nino: I see..

Aiba: The severe condition will probably continue, we believe it's from now on.. so we'd like to continue this all along.

Nino: That we receive mails gives us a sort of relieved feeling..

Aiba: That's right..

Jun: We're happy that we can communicate like this, right?

Nino: yeah, they were really good at catching the address Aiba-san said.. (Aiba-chan pronounced it really unclear the previous show.)

Sho: The last time, yeah!? [laughs]

Aiba: I'm really sorry about last time..

Nino: I was deeply moved that everyone heard that right, and sent in mails..

Aiba: Truly Thank you.. I'll say it again now..

All: [laughs]

Nino: How many times are you gonna say it?!

Aiba: If you have any song you'd like to request or a message, please send it to the homepage address.. let's do it.. www.___… Let's meet again at the third show. Your companion until now has been Arashi's Aiba Masaki and..

Ohno: Ohno Satoshi and..
Nino: Ninomiya Kazunari and..
Sho: Sakurai Sho and..
Jun: Matsumoto Jun!

All: Bye bye!

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  • [2012.03.24] FM Iwate - Arashi

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