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[2011.12.31] FM Iwate - Sho & Ohno

Radio station: FM Iwate
Participants: Sho & Ohno
MC: Sho
Get the audio here: Mediafire (Pass: mouyunkainanteshinai) (credit goes to ysm836)
>Summary: Ohno stumbles on his words at the most important part. Who was the most nervous at last years Kouhaku? Sho has found out a new way to have fun when driving a car! And find out about Yama's true thoughts on nipple-open T-shirt and wearing stocking over the head!
Notes: They talk about the same things as in the other two shows, but the content of the talk is different.. ^_^ enjoy.. And I've written out when they laugh and such, just to give it a little bit more feeling..

Sho: To everyone listening to FM Iwate, Good day! This is Arashi's Sakurai Sho.

Ohno: This is Ohno Satoshi!

Both: Hello!

Sho: This time it's us two who will present this show.. Time passes quickly, and today is New years eve!

Ohno: which means..

Sho: which means..?

Ohno: It's Kouhaku Uta Gassen..!

Sho: It begins in a short time, doesn't it?

Ohno: yes..

Sho: In about six hours, approximately..

Ohno: Approximately yeah.. It's come to this..

Sho: How is it? Let me ask about Arashi's performance..

Ohno: yes..

Sho: Does it seem to work?

Ohno: I am flawless..

Sho: Oh!  Well, last year was about.. like.. holding fireworks. And the first time we appeared, the year before the last, it was to quickly change clothes. But, this will be good, won't it? The people watching will be like "ooh, this is the first time watching something like this.."

Ohno: It's new, isn't it?.. It's enjoyable..

Sho: That's right… We hope everyone will look forward to it.. Well, since this is the last day of the year, how was this year for Ohno-san?

Ohno: Through the time I've lived until now, this year was the fastest. Somehow,I think that every year.

Sho: That it passed in the blink of an eye?

Ohno: Yeah..

Sho: I also.. Well, the movie 'Kami-sama no Karute' was released, and then I filmed 'Nazotoki was dinner no ato de'. I was able to do a lot of things when I think about it.

Ohno: That's right.. I think Sho-kun is busy..

Sho: No, no, no.. When the new year begins, Ohno-san!

Ohno: Yes!

Sho: It's the drama, right? Let's inform about it..

Ohno: It is at January the 3rd. New year special drama 'Mou yunkai-..yuukai nante shinai'.  Yunkai! [laugh]

Sho: [laugh] Yunkai!

Ohno: 'Mou yuukai nante shinai'. It's aired at 21.00 to 22.30.

Sho: It has the same writer as 'Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de' original work.

Ohno: yes, it's the same..

Sho: Higashigawa-sensei..

Ohno: Yes.. That's why.. I thought it was a great development..

Sho: Well, it's not mystery, right? But there is a moment where everything unfolds, right?

Ohno: There is, there is..

Sho: Where you go "Ah, that's how it was!" to the mysterious parts..

Ohno: yeah, yeah, there is.. That part is also amusing. The development is fast and it's comical. It's interesting, isn't it?

Sho: I was also able to read the script, and I'm really looking forward to how it turns out.

Ohno: yes, really. Sho-kun also appears.. and Matsujun too..

Sho: Matsujun also, yeah..

Ohno: it's interesting. There are a lot of actors, at any rate it's extravagant!

Sho: Really, yes.. I'm looking forward to it..

Ohno: Please watch it..

Sho: Now then, let's present a song at the opening.. I'll read a message. We received one from Shinshin-san. "To everyone in Arashi, Hello!"

Ohno: Hello!

Sho: "Right now snow is falling and it's beginning to pile up. When it gets cold I feel like listening to 'Fuyu no nioi', and I listen to it everyday when commuting. From now on it will become more and more cold so please take care of your health and do your best at work."

Both: Thank you

Sho: "I'm looking forward to Ohno-sans new year drama."

Ohno: Thank you!

Sho: Fuyu no nioi..

Ohno: It's nostalgic..

Sho: Let's go.. This is Arashi with 'Fuyu no nioi'


Sho: That was 'Fuyu no nioi' with Arashi. Now then, we'll present some of the messages we've received from the people of Iwate. Ohno-san, please..

Ohno: From Haru-san.. "Congratulations to the MC position of Kouhaku!"

Sho: Thank you!

Ohno: "I'm really looking forward to it! Actually last year I couldn't watch Kouhaku."

Sho: why?

Ohno: "At new years eve there was snowing a lot and there was a blackout."

Sho: Oh my god.. (He really says this in english..)

Ohno: "I was really looking forward to Arashi's first hosting of Kouhaku, so when the electricity disappeared just before it started I was shocked! And for the first time in my life, I listened to Kouhaku through the radio.This year a lot of happenings has piled up, so for the last day of the year, I thought it would be good to see Arashi's and the other singer's smiles. Please tell us your enthusiasm or if there is a highlight of Kouhaku uta gassen."

Sho: It was unfortunate that she couldn't watch our first hosting last year.

Ohno: For sure, yes..

Sho: Well, she was able to hear it at the radio though.. The highlights of Kouhaku! Well, last year when we appear at the beginning, we wore Haori Hakama**. Maybe Haru-san wasn't able to see that, but we appeared in some sparkling Haori Hakama, with sequins on them. This time as well, the opening is Haori Hakama, isn't it?
** Haori Hakama is a japanese formal attire, the one Arashi wears in the opening of Kouhaku or at the VS arashi new year specials.

Ohno: Yes, it is.. Were you nervous last year?

Sho: Nervous? Honestly, I was super nervous.

Ohno: Matsujun gets really nervous, doesn't he?

Sho: He does, yeah.. He was really tense and nervous, and at the beginning when I was starting to talk Matsujun said "And now, it's time for..!".

Ohno: [laugh]

Sho: He cut me off amazingly! In my head I thought "No, wait, wait, wait!". And our voices overlapped. He said it with quite a volume! It really shocked me!

Ohno: You did well coping with it.. [laugh]

Sho: yaa, I covered it with a great speed. After that Matsujun said "Ah shit, I did it! But this is okay!"

Ohno: Normally he'd be thankful, right.. [laugh]

Sho: [laugh] It was great.. Now then, let's read one more letter. From Shamumi-san..

Ohno: Shamumi..

Sho: "Amongst Arashi's songs there are a lot that fills you with energy, right? Among those, the one that raises my tension at once is 'Oh Yeah!'. The other day when I was driving to work, my mood was down because of the rainy weather, so I played the concert DVD. (Since I was in the car, I didn't watch the footage!). When 'Oh yeah!' was played I sang along while driving and my tension gradually got higher! Every time I listen to this song I wave my arms in high spirits, but since I was driving I couldn't release my hands. But suddenly I got an idea, and turned the wipers on to the fastest level, and then, surprisingly, the wipers looked like arms in high spirits and it was almost like experiencing the feeling of a concert!"

Ohno: Amazing!

Sho: "My sunken mood got cheerful at once and I was able to spend the day with enjoyable feelings! Among the people listening to the show I think there are a lot who listens to Arashi in the car, so I'd like people to try it! But please drive safely!"

Ohno: That's right..

Sho: You see, I really feel a great understanding with Shamumi-san!

Ohno: Oh really?

Sho: I did the exact same thing recently. It was one month ago maybe. I was driving in the rain and 'Oh yeah!' was played, like automatically, I didn't turn it on myself.. I had the shuffle on. And 'Oh Yeah!' was turned on, and I thought "How would it be if I make the wipers faster?" Playing 'Oh yeah!' in the car was awesome!

Ohno: Does it match?

Sho: It matches! Of course it goes off rhythm sometimes. But you can't release your hands when driving, right? It's like "Ah wipers.. wipers.. Are you gonna join in that much?"

Ohno: [laugh]

Sho: like "The wipers tension was high!"

Ohno: It was high! Was it during a rainy day?

Sho: Yeah, a rainy day.. It was amusing.. Well, it was not really the condition of safe driving but my tension rose.

Ohno: At what step was the speed (of the wipers)?

Sho: At the 3rd step I think.. But Ohno-san doesn't drive, right? Since you don't have a license.

Ohno: I don't drive, yeah..

Sho: Now then, I'd like to play the song Shamumi-san requested. This is Arashi with 'Oh yeah!'


Sho: The song played was 'Oh yeah!' with Arashi. Now then, let's move on with this corner, Ohno-san, please say the title!

Ohno: Yes! "Arashi.. the song.. And you!"

Sho: [laugh] Among Arashi's songs we choose one and want to hear if everyone have some kind of memories or happenings in their lives with that song involved. It's that kind of corner, this time the song is this:

*Lucky man is being played*

Sho: 'Lucky man' from the third album 'How's it going?' released in april 2003.

Ohno: Lucky man, yeah..

Sho: It's a standard-song at concerts, really.. The choreography during the refrain, you make a shape with your hands, right? with the fingers standing up. there are people in the audience doing that, right?

Ohno: There is yeah.. We dance pretty firmly at this, don't we?

Sho: Yeah, we do.. We also made a music video. We don't have that many among album songs.

Ohno: It's memorable.

Sho: It is. We've recieved messages around 'Lucky man' so let's present them. So then, shall I start?

Ohno: Yes..

Sho: We recieved one from NokoNoko-san. "'Lucky man' is a song that tied me and my friend together, to me it's the most important song above all. When I had lost my way, a girl around my age asked me "Have you maybe lost your way?". The song I overheard from her CD player that time was 'Lucky man', and without thinking I said "Arashi?". We mutually said "I really love this song.." and even now, when seven years has passed, even though we seldom meet, she is my most important Arashi friend."

Ohno: Amazing really..

Sho: "It's a important bond that Arashi's song brought together. At this times earthquake as well, the one giving me the most calls were her. I believe that songs truly has the power to connect people. Truly thank you for the wonderful encounter!" This is an amazing story, isn't it?! First of all, there are not many opportunities where someone asks you "Have you lost your way?".

Ohno: Normally there aren't.

Sho: And that that person is listening to 'Lucky man' also never happens, right?

Ohno: certainly..

Sho: It never happens, right?

Ohno: She was lost..

Sho: yeah, If I had to say then it's an 'unlucky' situation, and then 'Lucky man' is being played. Moreover, that they still have a connection now, after seven years has passed is amazing, isn't it? Does things like this exist?

Ohno: This is… They met because they were ought to.

Sho: I see, it's fate, is it?

Ohno: It's fate, yes.. It was no just by chance, probably..

Sho: it was inevitable..

Ohno: inevitable, yes..

Sho: You said a nice thing right now.. We'd like them to keep getting along well from now on too, don't we?

Ohno: yeah, well, it's interesting, this kind of meeting.

Sho: it's a wonderful story.. Now then, let's continue.

Ohno: Ehh, from Mikabon-san! "when I listen to 'Lucky man' I remember the time I became an Arashi fan, and I get excited! Before becoming an Arashi fan, I watched 'Mayonaka no Arashi' , 'C no Arashi' and experiments and thought "What funny people!" I got invited by my sister to the 'Time' concert, it was really cool and funny, and I completely turned into an Arashi fan. At that time I watched a lot of Arashi's DVD's and what left an impression on me was 'Lucky man'. the song is in high spirits and the music video feels somewhat nostalgic, but strangely cool and gives off a fresh feeling. When I listen to this song it feels like "It starts!", and I remember the funny feeling from that time."

Sho: It does really stay in people's mind..

Ohno: At first she thought "What funny people.."

Sho: [laugh] About 'Mayonaka' or 'C no Arashi' or the experiments.. The latter half (of the show '** no Arashi') is amazing.. Wearing nipple-open T-shirt, wearing a stocking over the head and pasting mustard under the eyes.

Both: [laugh]

Sho: We've done amazing things, really! When you watch the old clips, of course you get shocked but.. don't you feel like doing it again? those kind of things..

Ohno: I want to do it.. You're invincible.. when you wear a stocking..

Sho: It was fun, wasn't it?..

Ohno: I really feel that we've done a lot.

Sho: At shukudai-kun yeah.. I want to do a revival kind of thing..

Ohno: At the new year would be good..

Sho: It would, yeah.. Like Aiba sugoroku.. I'd like to do it.. Now then, that was all. Thank you for everyone's messages.

Ohno: Thank you!

Sho: For the next "Arashi, the song, and you" the song is this one:

*Kanska kangeki ame Arashi is being played*

Sho: Arashi with 'Kansha kangeki ame Arashi'.

Ohno: yes..

Sho: This was the background music for the drama 'Namida wo fuite' which Nino was starring in, right?

Ohno: Ah, I see..

Sho: I remember that.. A scene where Nino appears, I think. It was a scene at a bus stop.

Ohno: Ah, I remember that..

Sho: That's where it was played, I think. I was extremely happy!

Ohno: yeah yeah, I was also happy. Like "I-it's our voices!"

Sho: I thought "To have your song played in a drama makes you THIS happy!?"

Ohno: Surely.. It has a lot of memories..

Sho: We're looking forward to what kind of memories everyone listening has. We're waiting for everyone's messages! Now then, the two of us from Arashi have presented this, but soon this years last broadcast will come to an end. The 2011 that was hit by the earthquake will end today but among the people in Iwate listening to this radio there are still a lot of people in a severe situation. We'd thought it be good to connect with everyone in Iwate through this radio next year as well.

Ohno: that's right.. Well, the condition is still hard. When people say they gain energy by listening to our songs, it really makes us happy, so from now on too, we'd like to steadily keep on doing this.

Sho: So that a more pleasant 2012 will come to everybody, we'd like to continue deliver energy by songs and our voices! The show is requesting for messages from you. A happening around you, something catching your interest, a song request or whatever you'd like is fine!

Ohno: We're also waiting for memories or episodes about Arashi's song "Kansha kangeki ame Arashi" to the corner "Arashi, the song and you". please send it through the shows homepage. The address is www.__… it's open 24 hours. It's also okay from cell phones. We're also waiting for your messages!.

Sho: We're waiting! Now then, we'll say our goodbyes here later on it's Kouhaku so..

Ohno: Yes.. Let's meet again!

Sho: Your companion until now has been Arashi's Sakurai Sho and..

Ohno: Ohno Satoshi!

Both: Have a good new year! Bye bye!
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  • [2012.03.24] FM Iwate - Arashi

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