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[2011.12.30] Fukushima FM - Sho & Ohno

This is the latest from Fukushima FM. I will try and post the latest from Iwate tomorrow, I want to get these over with so I can properly start translating from the first shows.. Enjoy!

Radio station: FM Fukushima
Participants: Sho & Ohno
MC: Ohno
Get the audio here: Mediafire (Pass: hongkong) (credit goes to junlove)
Summary: What did Ohno do at the Kaibutsu-kun stage greeting party? Even If they had recieved the flag at Kouhaku, Ohno didn't want to be the one to hold it this time! What did Aiba give Arashi as souvenirs after his trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong? and find out about an elementary students special thoughts about Ohno.. And watch out for the tiring content when Ohno tries to explain why he couldn't do a nice backflip in the 'Lucky man' music video!
Notes: There was some really amusing talk here, and I hope I've been able to convey it in a good way..

Ohno: To the people listening to Fukushima FM, good evening! this is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi!

Sho: This is Sakurai sho!

Both: Good evening!

Ohno: This time it's us two who will be presenting this show.. Sho-kun, it's only one day left of this year!

Sho: Truly yes..

Ohno: Tomorrow is New years eve..  and Kouhaku Uta gassen.

Sho: Don't you feel like, when you pass a special date in december, suddenly it's the end of the year..?

Ohno: I know, I know..

Sho: Around the 20th..Like: "Eh? it's only 10 days left..?!" Doesn't it feel like that?..

Ohno: But still.. To me, from the middle of december until the year end doesn't pass TOO fast…

Sho: Eh? Is that like "Will it never end no matter how much I work?!"

Ohno: Because it's really packed. There is a lot to do at the year end..

Sho: I see.. It's not "We've worked hard this year, so let's just do this in the end.."..

Ohno: Yeah, it's not like that..

Sho: Like "Ah, we have THIS and THAT to do.. And THAT also remains.."

Ohno: Yeah..

Sho: Well yes, I also get that feeling.. But this year for Ohno-san was about the movie Kaibutsu-kun, wasn't it?

Ohno: This year yeah.. Right after the new year we filmed for two months.

Sho: Oh really?!

Ohno: yeah, yeah, yeah.. I did that, and then it was a break, then at the beginning of summer, the SP..

Sho: Drama?

Ohno: The drama yeah... From then on at once..

Sho: You were all yellow the whole year..

Ohno: All yellow.. blue and red..

Sho: Yeah, that impression is strong, really..

Ohno: It was great.. I cried..

Sho: At the movie Kaibutsu-kun?

Ohno: yeah..

Sho: What's this about?

Ohno: On my birthday.. The release day, when the stage greeting had ended, there was a light party.. When I was greeting all the actors, at the last one, I was wailing for the first time!..

Sho: Ah, wailing? Like, It wasn't just tears?

Ohno: No, it wasn't ..  I had feelings of gratitude..

Sho: Heeh? So it was different from the feeling of having completed it?

Ohno: It was different.. A lot of different staffs were cooperating on this, so those feelings were all of a sudden revived right there…

Sho: Like, "I'm glad we worked together.."

Ohno: yes..

Sho: heeh.. So the wailing isn't included in some clip?

Ohno: It's not..

Sho: Then, I'd like to promote the special part of the DVD: 'Ohno Satoshi, big wailing', might that be alright?

Ohno: I-it contains nothing of that!

Sho: You didn't film it..?

Ohno: We didn't.. The staff said it though, "We should have filmed this!". But well, that's a thing that happened..

Sho: I see.. I also..

Ohno: You were very busy too, right?

Sho: yeah, I was..

Ohno: I saw you all the time on TV.

Sho: Thank you.. I was watching you too.. The movie 'Kami-sama no karute' was released around summer and before that there was some preparations to be done. And when that ended, I did the drama 'nazotoki wa dinner no ato de'. Well, certainly, I've had the privilege to do a lot. Well, it's a "thank you for the hard work" for both of us.

Ohno: Thank you…

Sho: Tomorrow it's Kohaku, Ohno-san!

Ohno: Yeah really.. We have to tighten ourselves..

Sho: That is right.. Since we're hosting, you know…

Ohno: We're hosting, yeah..

Sho: Last year Ohno-san received the flag**, right?
** In Kouhaku a white and a red team competes against each other, and the winning team receives a flag, and of course the honor.

Ohno: I was really thinking "Is this really alright?!"

Sho: Ahh.. like "Is it okay for me hold this?"

Ohno: Since really BIG veterans are there..

Sho: yeah really..

Ohno: And also, the flag had words that said "The second time it's once again the boys team!"**..
** They add a banderole to the flag with words written for the winning team every year. Ohno means that he was touched by reading the banderole from the second time Kouhaku was aired, which was year 1952. The white team, which consists of mostly men, took their second win that year.

Sho: I see.. certainly yeah..

Ohno: I really thought "Is it alright for me to hold this?"

Sho: Have you been in a situation to receive something like that before? For example that you've won something when in elementary or middle school.

Ohno: I don't have many experiences of winning. I got no further than second place. I was that kind of boy.

Sho: So this was your first win?

Ohno: My first win was Kouhaku!

Sho: At that kind of big stage. This year..

Ohno: I wonder how it will be this year, yes..

Sho: Well, we'll be glad if we receive it though..

Ohno: At the meeting, didn't they say something like it's still not decided who should receive the flag if white wins..? (They mean which one of the Arashi members)

Sho: Mmm… They were like "If you were to receive it this year, who will do it?"

Ohno: In my heart I thought "Ah, it's not me!". Because I was quite bad last year.. It just passed me by.

Sho: An instant reflection of last year… But we're looking forward to it..

Ohno: That's right..

Sho: Well, Ohno-san, let's inform about drama at the 3rd..

Ohno: Yes, on January the 3rd the new year special drama "Mou yuukai nante shinai" will air. It's from 21.00 to 23.30.

Sho: After Kaibutsu-kun.. How are the outfits for this?

Ohno: The clothes are..

Sho: Normal?

Ohno: Ordinary jeans with leather jacket and such..

Sho: Do you have a yellow T-shirt under?

Ohno: There are no aspects of yellow.. A little blue though..

Sho: I see..

Ohno: It's very extravagant !

Sho: It is, yeah!

Ohno: Matsujun and Sho-kun are also in it..

Sho: Yes, I was surprised when I went to filming. They probably hadn't finished the script because there was a lot of people starring at that time.. I received a small schedule of the appointed day, and the names written there was extremely extravagant.

Ohno: Yeah, that day was amazing..

Sho: Namase-san and.. (Namase Katsuhisa)

Ohno: Takenaka-san.. (Takenaka Naoto) Tanaka Kei-kun

Sho: Really… Kitaoji-san is also appearing, right? (Kitaoji Kinya)

Ohno: Kitaoji-san is also appearing, yes..

Sho: It's amazing, isn't it?

Ohno: Ukaji-san.. (Ukaji Takashi)

Sho: It's really the feeling of a new year special..

Ohno: Also Sasaki Sumie-san..

Sho: Eeeh?

Ohno: I didn't know until the very last moment..

Sho: Ah, about who were starring?

Ohno: One day before the shooting I watched the paper and was like "EH?"

Sho: Of course it would surprise you.. I'm looking forward to it..

Ohno: I'm also looking forward to it..

Sho: Well this day we have a concert, so after that has ended, we go back to the hotel..

Ohno: It's in the middle of it though..

Sho: We can watch the last 15 minutes maybe..

Ohno: Ah well.. I'll watch it when I come home..

Sho: Yeah, let's do so..

Ohno: Now then, Today we'll start with this song, Meikyu love song with Arashi.


Ohno: what you were listening to was Meikyu love song with Arashi. Then, let's present some messages we've received from the people of Fukushima, first up is Sho-kun, please!

Sho: From Arashi wa genki no minamoto-san! (Arashi is the source of energy) "To everyone in Arashi, good evening!"

Both: Good evening!

Sho: "The other day I talked with the kids at nursery school about Arashi. That girl said "I like Riida!", and when asked
"Then, who does your little brother like?" she answered "Machujun".
When asked "what about your sister?" she said "Sakurai-kun!"
When asked "What about your mother?" she answered "Aiba-kun!""
When asked "What about you father?" she answered "Riida!"
That Arashi is truly loved by a lot of generations made me happy. By the way, for teacher, it's Nino."

Sho: It's complete!

Ohno: Amazing..

Sho: I say it a lot lately, but when nursery school kids or kindergarten kids know Arashi and say they like Arashi, don't you get a strange feeling?

Ohno: yeah..How many years back can it be….it's really strange.. why is that?

Sho: Because if they're five or four years old, it's kids that's born when we were singing Subarashiki sekai..

Ohno: That's how it is.. It feels very recent, though..

Sho: We're glad that they say they like us, right?

Ohno: I've heard before some elementary school girls said "I like Ohno-kun" and I asked "What is good about me?", they answered "You're soothing"

Sho: Does she have a lot of stress?! An elementary student.

Ohno: Yeah, I thought "Does she have something to be worried over..".. It surprised me..

Sho: That was really funny.. Like "I'm exhausted because of school.. I have a lot to do..I'll watch Ohno-kun so he can soothe me.."

Ohno: she probably thought like that..

Sho: That's funny. But well, isn't it a lot because of Kaibutsu-kun?

Ohno: well, yeah, that's right..

Sho: Maybe they're looking up to Ohno-san the same way Ohno-san looked up to San Barukan**, Dainaman**, or Changeman. Like "it's the person who does Kaibutsu-kun".
** These are all japanese Tv show and movie heroes.

Ohno: That's so.. The other day when we were filming on location for the drama we had a break, and I went to eat ramen** with my manager. And on the way back we were noticed by a mother and a girl, maybe three or four years old. And when we were walking, from behind we heard "Mama, which Ohno-kun is that?"
** Ramen is a japanese noodle dish.

Ohno: Whether it was the Ohno who is doing Kaibutsu-kun or the Ohno in Arashi..

Sho: Aaah..What a dream-like thing she said..

Ohno: I thought "What should I do?"

Sho: Yeah, that's hard.. what did you do?

Ohno: I was told "excuse me..". And then we shook hands..

Sho: Normally..?

Ohno: Yeah normally.. I wasn't asked anything about that..

Sho: Heeh.. that's interesting.

Ohno: yeah it really was..

Sho: But she must have watched Kaibutsu-kun, right..

Ohno: Yes.. Now then, I will read.

Sho: please…

Ohno: From JunJun-san "During the last show, When Aiba-kun talked about souvenirs, he said he wouldn't buy T-shirts the next time, and told Jun-kun and Nino to look forward to it. What were the souvenirs from Hong Kong and Taiwan? I watched it on TV. Did he buy anything?"

Sho: He did give something..

Both: It was T-shirt, wasn't it?

Ohno: Totally..

Sho: It was totally a T-shirt..

Ohno: Mine said "I love Hong Kong".

Sho: Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah! I think mine was with a nightview of Hong Kongs skyscrapers and it said HONG KONG..

Ohno: What is it with him?

Sho: Well he said "I didn't have time! I bought it hurriedly!". The next time we're expecting something else instead of T-shirts.

Ohno: Yes.. Then, shall we go with one more..

Sho: From Ah-chan mama "I've continuously watched Aiba-kuns "21 nin no wa"** As I'm also mother of an elementary student, tears start falling as if it was myself. In my daughters class, there was a girl evacuated from Souma***. She transferred in april and since the evacuation boundary was removed in september, she returned to Souma. It was only a short time of five months, but my daughter got along well with her, and it was as if they had been friends for a long time. I'm reflecting on why I didn't find out more about that girl or her parents. I truly want them to be able to return to their daily lives in Souma. Lastly, from the Arashi that soothes and gives me power, I request for Energy song."
** "21 nin no wa" is a documentary that Aiba is doing the narration for. It follows student at an elementary school in the victimized area as they graduate.
*** Souma is a district facing the ocean in the Fukushima prefecture.

Sho: They became friendly in five months.. You can really create relations in five months time..

Ohno: That's so…

Sho: So the parting must have made them lonesome..  Though it was maybe good that they were able to return to Souma.

Ohno: It was yeah..

Sho: Then, shall we deliver the music?

Ohno: Let's do it.. Then, we'll play the requested song: Energy song with Arashi.


Sho: What you were listening to was energy song with Arashi.

Ohno: Then, shall we move on with this corner? Sho-kun, please say the title..

Sho: "Arashi….The song…. And Y-O-U" (He had echo on)

Ohno: that's nice.. Echo is nice, isn't it?

Sho: it's nice, yes..

Ohno: Among Arashi's songs we choose one and want to hear if everyone have some kind of memories or happenings in their lives  with that song involved. It's that kind of corner, this time the song is this:

**Lucky man is being played**

Ohno: Lucky man!

Sho: Yeah! Lucky man!

Ohno: This is from our third album 'How's it going' released in april 2003.

Sho: It's a song from quite some time back.

Ohno: that's right..

Sho: Because 12 years.. Ah we're in our 13th year now, right..

Ohno: Ten years ago..

Sho: If you think about it that way, it's a song released in the first half of Arashi.

Ohno: Ah yeah.. At that time the time since our debut was like nothing.

Sho: At that time it felt like that quite a time had passed, though.. But there was still more to come.. Well, we perform it a lot at concerts. Perhaps people who doesn't know much about Arashi doesn't know about it but for fans of Arashi it's like.. how to say it.. A promised song..

Ohno: yeah.. It feels new, doesn't it?

Sho: No matter when you listen to it, yeah..  Then, let's go with the messages..

Ohno: shall we..?

Sho: Then, is it alright for me to go first?

Ohno: yees..

Sho: From Nekosuki-san. "My memory of 'Lucky man' is when watching the music video and questioning why Nino is the only one changing outfit in the middle of it. At first I thought he changed because of the water splashing from the hose, but everyone was drenched, so maybe something happened. It's been on my mind for five years so I would very much like to hear the truth behind it, please. "

Ohno: Eh? Did Nino's clothes change? really?

Sho: We totally don't know about this..

Ohno: I don't  know about it.. When we're showered on out backs..

Sho: Ahh, that was an amazing force, wasn't it?

Ohno: I was even scared..

Sho: It was like the same force as a hose from a fire truck.. But I don't know about this.. When talking about 'Lucky man's music video it's of course in the beginning when we're raised up in the air up by men.

Ohno: Wasn't that the last thing we filmed?

Sho: Yes, it was last in the filming order.

Ohno: That's so..

Sho: I remember quite a lot about that PV..

Ohno: Why is that, really..

Sho: Like in a japanese-styled room, the camera comes closer and closer. We're sitting on cushions and the camera comes closer and closer..

Ohno: We did a lot of things..

Sho: We did yeah..

Ohno: Nino's outfit changed, huh?

Sho: I totally didn't know about it..

Ohno: It makes me want to see it.. Then, we'll go with one more.. From Ninomiya-of-joytoy "In 'Lucky man' the back flip by the poolside is memorable. I have a memory of being stopped when I tried to do it at Swimming school"

Sho: That's dangerous!

Ohno: "I don't know why I tried to do such a dangerous thing at that time."

Sho: it's dimwitted. This is quite a dimwit.

Ohno: You shouldn't do that..

Sho: Rather that saying it's by the poolside like.. what to say.. It's a shallow layer of water.. It was slippery, wasn't it? It was dangerous, right?

Ohno: Ah but, It didn't slip that much but..

Sho: Oh really?

Ohno: Yeah, but I remember that it wasn't such a beautiful backflip.

Sho: You felt yourself that it wasn't that good?

Ohno: yeah yeah..

Sho: Do you remember the bad backflip?

Ohno: I balanced during the landing, I think, because it didn't go so well.

Sho: Ah, you wanted to land on both feet at the same time?

Ohno: I wanted to neatly gather my legs, but somehow I couldn't do that.. So I landed by one leg at the time like, pa-pan!

Sho: So it didn't feel good?

Ohno: Ah but well, it did fit with this 'Lucky man's frolicking feeling I thought at that time... I was thinking quite a bit in the former days, really…

Sho: Ah, I see..

Ohno: Thank you everyone for your messages.

Sho: Thank you..

Ohno: So then, the next "Arashi, the song and you" the song is this one:

*Kanska kangeki ame Arashi plays*

Ohno: Arashi with 'Kansha kangeki ame Arashi'

Sho: When the intro is played, you get excited, don't you? Is it the impression from the concerts, maybe..

Ohno: I guess so.. We do it a lot in the beginning or the end. Maybe we do it more at the end?

Sho: We do really do it a lot at the end.. But we did it in the beginning as well, during our tenth anniversary. It's a song since a long time ago, so there might be a lot of memories of it.. We're looking forward to everyone's episodes.. We're waiting for everyone's submission to "Arashi, the song and you"!

Ohno: Now then, The two of us from Arashi was presenting this, now it's come to the end of this years last broadcast.

Sho: yes!

Ohno: we'll present one more letter.

Sho: I'll read it.. From NaruNaru-san "I watched the other days VS Arashi Tohoku special with my family. I couldn't go, but watching it made me very happy.  I have never cried when watching movies or dramas, but when seeing the handshakes at the end I couldn't stop my tears. Arashi, thank you so much for giving us energy through TV and radio! From now on too, please do your best at work!" That's it.. We also received Hatenai sora as request. But we're glad, right..

Ohno: we're glad, yes..

Sho: that the people from Tohoku were able to see the assembly of the Tohoku team, to relieve some energy, or how to say it..

Ohno: Everyone was smiling. It was good

Sho: Really.. that the people who were watching through TV felt like that too makes us happy..

Ohno: The 2011 that was hit by the eastern Japan great earthquake disaster, ends tomorrow but, among the people in Fukushima listening to this radio there are still a lot of people in a severe situation.

Sho: well, it'd be good to connect with everyone by continuing this radio.

Ohno: That is so, really. there were a lot of people listening to Arashi's songs after the earthquake. We're glad about that.. And from now on too.. we'd like to continue.. So that a more pleasant 2012 will come to everybody, we'd like to continue deliver energy by songs and our voices! The show is requesting for messages from you. A happening around you, something catching your interest, a song request or whatever you'd like is fine!

Sho: we're also waiting for memories of episodes about Arashi's song "Kansha kangeki ame Arashi" to the corner "Arashi, the song and you". please send it through the shows homepage. The address is www.__… it's open 24 hours. It's also okay from cell phones. We're also waiting for your messages!.

Ohno: We're waiting! Now then we'll say our goodbyes! let's meet again! Your companion has been Arashi's Ohno Satoshi and..

Sho: Sakurai Sho!

Both: Have a good new year!

Ohno: bye bye!
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